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Is releasing Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 a good idea? Actually, yeah

Gran Turismo 6 Thumbs up

Sometimes companies like to bolster a new console with as many "big names" as they can possibly stick to it. Case in point – by this time, you've gotten an idea of what big titles are going to be on the next Xbox, as well as what came around for the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February.

That said, not everyone is making the next-gen jump quite yet. Take Polyphony Digital. Just last week, the company held an event overseas to reveal the latest chapter in the Gran Turismo saga. Many assumed the game would see a release for PlayStation 4, which makes sense with Sony's new direction in next-generation gaming, or maybe even the Vita. But nope, Gran Turismo 6 is actually coming to PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

And out came the naysayers. A bunch of critics were wondering why Sony wasn't bothering with releasing its ultimate simulation racer for the PlayStation 4, instead bringing it out for fans of its more current console. But before you go off the deep end with your hateful banter, you need to realize something: This is actually part of a strategy. And in the long run, it actually does make sense.


Sony Doesn't Want to Rush Gran Turismo out the Gate for the Next Gen

Polyphony Digital believes in taking care of its beloved racing franchise, as you could tell from the countless delays that Gran Turismo 5 experienced before eventually coming out for PlayStation 3. To rush Gran Turismo 6 just so fans can say, "Ooh, lookie, it's on the PS4," and then have a game filled with little bugs and errors as a result, would just leave the game open for even wider criticism than the flack it's currently getting by going to PS3. At this rate, Polyphony can finish up its PS3 work in style, and then shift to a more advanced version of the game – or a sequel beyond that – for the next-gen hardware. Remember, sometimes the key to winning the race isn't entirely being the first car on the track. It's being the most prepared.

Sony Doesn't Want to Create Interference for DriveClub

Back in February, Sony announced the latest project from the team at Evolution Studios, the creators of the wild MotorStorm series. But rather than take that arcade-based route, it announced DriveClub, a simulation racing game with all sorts of online community features and some beautiful graphics. If Sony were to announce Gran Turismo 6, it would pretty much be going head to head with itself. Sure, two racing franchises can exist on one platform, as Microsoft has proven with Project Gotham Racing and Forza, but the sim-like approach to both GT6 and DriveClub might've been a little too close for some. This way, everyone is covered on the PS3, and those enticed to try some next-gen racing on the PS4 still have the option to do so.


Not Everyone Will Make an Immediate Jump to Next-Gen, and Those People Still Need Something to Play

Let's be honest, not everyone is going to get a PlayStation 4 upon release, either because of personal choice or the lack of supply for all the demand in game stores. That means some people will be playing their PlayStation 3s for the holiday season, and Sony could use every weapon it can get in the forthcoming months. This includes stuff like David Cage's long-awaited Beyond: Two Souls and other PS3 releases. Gran Turismo 6 would help push the system through another season, while PS4 still has DriveClub and other hit games to lean on. There's plenty of room for both.

And hey, no one ever said we wouldn't see enhanced versions of these PS3 releases on the PS4. A lot of third-party publishers are getting into that process (like Bungie with Destiny and Ubisoft with Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag), so don't be surprised if Sony does a little bit as well. There are already whispers about a PS4 version of The Last of Us, though nothing is confirmed just yet.


So, it kind of makes sense from a business standpoint. While that doesn't entirely soften the blow for those wanting to see Gran Turismo's majesty on PS4, just remember: Slow and steady wins the race. That's how it was with GT5, remember?

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