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Interview with Playboy's Miss October Pamela Horton about World of Warcraft, League of Legends, her cred and gamers' reactions

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pamela horton

LL: Time for League of Legends talk. You ready for this? Because everyone at GameZone plays a lot.

PH: I am ready!

LL: What’s your current ELO? I think I read it was 1355?

PH: That was actually season one. I asked my publicist to specify that, because I haven’t had time to play in the second season. I mean, I played a few ranked games in duo-queue with a couple of my friends occasionally, but I am at 1198 right now. I think that’s what my ELO is at.

LL: Yea, I’m stuck in ELO hell too.

PH: Yup, that’s why it’s called ELO hell. I’d say I prefer playing Teemo, but really I do whatever it is my team needs. I’m never one of those people that go ‘um, mid or I feed.’ Someone will call top and I mid. I can AD carry. I can jungle… a little bit. I really don’t like jungle because I’m not that good at it. [laughs] But I can play basically everything except for jungle. I own ALMOST all characters. And I can play Cassiopeia. I’m good with Morgana. Back before Katarina had that whole rework, she was one of my favorites. But Teemo’s had such a special spot in my heart. I love cute stuff, so…

pamela horton

Even Pamela would agree that Mega Man just needs to get off the damn moon!

LL: You have any skins for Teemo?

PH: Yea, I love Teemo. I put in a lot of money for RP for the Teemo skins. I got the Legendary, the Panda — I have them all except the Recon Teemo skin. I never liked where they just color him different.

LL: Yea, Reddit was all bent out of shape when they found out you love Teemo.

PH: Yea, everybody loves to hate Teemo. I mean, when you have a Teemo on your team, you’re like ‘Yea. I’ve got those shrooms. I got this little annoying guy that’s just gonna piss off the enemy team.’ But when it’s the enemy team, they’re like ‘F*ck you Teemo.’ I always get it without even doing anything. I’m an AP hybrid. I’m not an AD carry by any means. Because of the way I build Teemo, I get a lot of crap. Everyone loves to hate Teemo, even if I’m 17-1-28, I’ll still get crap for being Teemo.

pamela horton playboy

LL: Have you thought about live-streaming your games?

PH: Actually, I have. I have an account set up on Twitch.tv, but I have to work things out through Playboy and make sure that’s okay. But I will hopefully have a stream up really soon.

LL: Awesome. Do you follow any high-ELO player or teams? And do you have any favorites?

PH: With the World Championship coming up pretty soon, I like to watch a lot of the promoted streams that are on League of Legends. I don’t go watching streams on Twitch.tv a lot. I love Team SoloMid. I’m a huge Team SoloMid fan.

LL: You think they’re going to win?

PH: Ya know what, it’s a tough call. They’ve had such good team play and team comps, and they work so well together, but League of Legends is such a big game that there are always good teams making their way up the ranks. I’ll be rooting for Team SoloMid, but you never know. There could be some team that comes up underneath and just takes them out. But I’ll root for them!

LL: Before we move on with a couple of more questions, I wanted to ask if you could do your best Teemo impression.

PH: Oh, hold on… [in Teemo voice] Size doesn’t mean everything.

LL: That’s really good actually!

PH: Ugh… [Sounds embarrassed]

LL: It’s better than I can do. I can only do Miss Piggy, and no one likes that.

PH: Yea, I’ve played Teemo so much, yea, he’s my guy.

LL: I was wondering, what’s the worst pick-up line you’ve heard from a gamer? I’m sure you must get them when you’re playing and people find out who you are.

PH: I’ve had a guy tell me that I should be honored that he’s hitting on me because of how good of a ‘insert gamer here’ he is. Like, this is my ELO. This is my Arena Rating in World of Warcraft. You should be honored that I’m hitting on you kind of thing. Like, I’m this big crazy gamer, and none of him as a person comes up. It’s just him being cocky in games.

pamela horton

Pamela's not above taking time off from her modeling and helping Optimus Prime save the world... or just rock a sweet pose

LL: That totally works, right?

PH: WELL… not really. I’ve never met a girl gamer that likes a guy being cocky, because women want the playing field to be even. We wish that guys actually saw us as a threat. It’s either the guys that are like ‘girls don’t play video games’ or the guys that are like ‘Oh, show me your tits.’ It’s either one end of the spectrum or the other. There’s never a fair in-between except for a few cases.

LL: Really fast, is there anything you want to say to your fans or people out there that doubt your credibility? Or anything you want them to know?

PH: Well, the whole reason I’m getting this notoriety is because of my issue, and if they haven’t seen my issue, to pick up a copy of this month’s Playboy and check it out. Follow me on Twitter; I do respond to personal messages and tweets and private messages on Facebook. If they have questions about my gaming — I don’t want to say that I’m all about proving myself, but when people have questions, like they think they’re going to stump me with ‘how many sequences are there in the Deathwing encounter?’ Questions like that that I wouldn’t know off the top of my head if I wasn’t a gamer. I can prove myself. I can, and I will. If you doubt me, find me. Come on.

pamela horton

Rockin that resto druid like nobody's business

LL: Well, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak with us. Good luck on all your future endeavors and congrats on being Miss October, that’s a big deal. So congratulations on that!

PH: Thank you!

You can follow Miss October Pamela Horton on Twitter @PamelaHorton13 and like her on Facebook and see her in Playboy's October issue. You can also visit her Etsy store: OriginalsByPamela

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