Interview: Telltale talks The Walking Dead ahead of Season Two's finale, Episode 5: No Going Back

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This week, Telltale Games wraps up Season Two of The Walking Dead with the release of Episode 5: No Going Back. You may have noticed that this episode has lacked the teasers we're so used to seeing. Instead of the usual "Next Time" trailer or any sort of screenshots, Telltale chose only to release a pretty emotional video recapping everything that Clementine has been through since we first met her in the very first episode of The Walking Dead: Season One.

As you might have seen in my previous article highlighting some of The Walking Dead's most memorable moments with Clementine, she has been through quite a lot. But before we get to see how it concludes, we had a chance to talk with Telltale Games about both the upcoming Season Two finale. In the video below, you can hear executive producer Kevin Boyle and producer Kirsten Kennedy answer all sorts of questions I had for them -- the most important being: will we need a box of tissues when we play through Episode 5: No Going Back?

Check out the release dates for The Walking Dead Season Two - Episode 5: No Going Back here.

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