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Inspect Your Gadgets - GameZone's Ten Best Gaming Gear and Gadgets


The gaming industry is something quite extraordinary, isn't it? We have evolved from the once ever so popular coin op machines to today's technologically advanced gaming consoles. Along with that change, we have also seen a push for newer, more exciting gaming gadgets and gear to help add to the experience you get from playing games. Thousands of interesting gear and gadgets are available to consumers who wish to take their passion of gaming to the next level. The simple question, though, is what's the best of the best? To answer this we have compiled a list of the ten best gaming gear and gadgets that are on the market, and that are definitely worth checking out.

1) LevelUp Storage

Launched in 2006, LevelUp has hit the gaming storage scene with an enormous bang. One of their most popular products, the storage towers, offers gamers the best solution to their storage troubles. Separately made for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, these sturdy storage towers feature slots for over ten games, hooks for Rockband or Guitar Hero guitar(s), controller openings for up to four controllers, and a quality ventilated console bay. Installation is easy as 1,2,3 with step-by-step snap-together assembly. Priced at $69.99, the LevelUp storage towers are almost a steal and definitely a must-have for anyone struggling with storage issues.

You can check out more of the LevelUp gear by clicking here.

2) Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Headset

The name "Turtle Beach" has become synonymous with gaming headsets. With a fantastic portfolio of quality headsets that are seen everywhere, you may wonder how the folks at Turtle Beach can raise the bar? To answer that, look no further than the Ear Force PX5 headset. Designed for the PS3, though it works just as stellar with the Xbox 360, the PX5 offers full Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The headset is comfortable, sleek, and easy to use, but even more better, the PX5 truly do help your multiplayer gaming - especially with FPS like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Though the price may turn some away at $249.95, the Turtle Beach PX5 headset is easily the best gaming headset on the market.

Click here to view more details of the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 gaming headset.

3) X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Video Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are definitely more for the hard-core crowd, but nonetheless, they are desired by many. The brand X Rocker has already released several gaming chairs in the past, but none better than the X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 chair. The chair offers a four speaker surround sound, wireless connection to devices such as iPods, and adjustable arm rests. I can most applaud X Rocker for putting comfortability over technology; the added features are definitely fantastic, but a gaming chair is still a chair, and chairs are made to be comfortable - which the H3 4.1 is. If you're looking for a quality chair to kick back and play some games, look no further than the $169.00 X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 gaming chair.

Check out more of X Rocker's latest chair by clicking here.

4) BlitzBox HD Capture Card

Want to show your friends that your the best Call of Duty player by creating a montage? If so, then the BlitzBox HD Capture Card may be the device to help you do so. Priced at $129.00, the BlitzBox HD connects your game console to your HDTV and PC at the same time, allowing you to record your best moments and upload them to the internet. The BlitzBox HD software, Ulead VideoStudio, offers frustration-free editing, fantastic for both beginners and experts.

More details on the BlitzBox HD Capture Card can be seen by clicking here.

5) Gunnar MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

Gunnar glasses, introduced in 2007, started as a modest business selling glasses that help you "see it better," but today the company has rose to new heights with quality glasses for gaming, computer, and outdoor use. If you're one of those gamers who spends hours in intense, gaming action, then you probably know better than anyone how stressful it is on the eyes. Gunnar's MLG Phantom gaming glasses, priced at $79.00, improve a gamer’s visual efficiency, endurance and recovery - all which are normally lost during a long playtime. Some may think they are a crock, but studies have proved that Gunnar's quality glasses indeed do what they are described to do. The glasses are sleek, sexy, and improve efficiency, what's not to love?

Check out more of the MLG Phantom classes by clicking here.

6) 360 Live iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Android App

Though the 360 Live application may not be "gear" or a "gadget", the application does offer Xbox Live subscribers the chance to take their gamertag on the go in a nifty way. Available for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android, 360 Live gives you full access to your gamertag including friends, messages, and more. The application has improved with every update, and did I mention it is free? There is simply no excuse not to check out this fantastic app!

Details on the 360 Live Application can be seen by clicking here.

7) Xbox Live Media Remote

This is the one gadget on the list that is yet to be released. So why is it on here, you ask? The Xbox Live Media remote, set to release this November for $19.99, offers almost identical features as the old, white media remote. Movie gurus will appreciate the layout of the buttons on the sleek, black remote. Also, accessing both your normal DVD functions and Xbox Live functions on one remote is very convenient. Priced at twenty-bucks, we are sure that it will satisfy.

8) Mario 3DS Holder

Okay, some gadgets are more cute than useful, and this next item just proves it. The Mario 3DS Holder, priced at $34.99, does exactly what the name says; it keeps your 3DS (also works with your DSI or DS Lite) safely stored in the arms of the beloved Nintendo character, Mario. The vinyl sculpture stands at a whopping foot tall and stands firm upon a large black base. Anyone who adores Mario, and has a 3DS, needs to have this as a desk ornament.

Purchase the Mario 3DS Holder from ThinkGeek by clicking here.

9) JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

The iPad's touch screen has definitely created a new path in handheld gaming, but lets bet honest, some games are just better with an arcade stick. The solution, you ask? ThinkGeek's JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick gives you the ability to play your favorite arcade games using an old fashioned arcade stick that simply presses to your iPad. At $24.99, many worry if the stick can harm your screen, but worry not, the add-on is completely removable and reposition-able. The arcade stick works with thousands of different games and now works with several Android tablets; any classical gamer will appreciate this gadget.

You can purchase the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick through ThinkGeek by clicking here.

10) Official Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightStick Tournament Edition for Sony PS3

Like the arcade stick at number nine, sometimes old school is the way to go. The $149.99 official Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightStick Tournament Edition (breath) for the PS3 features Japanese-style joystick & buttons, multi-speed Turbo functionality and officially licensed artwork portraying your favorite characters from the game. The FightStick, developed by MadCatz, will show all your friends your dedication for both Street Fighter IV and fighting games in general.

Check out more details on the Official Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightStick Tournament Edition for Sony PS3 by clicking here.

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