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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Nightwing strategies, tips and basics

ESCRIMA Stance: (Video above)

Spinning Heel Kick (Up+H) *overhead* or Bird's Nest (Up+H-Dwn+H) *low* Great tool for an ambiguous mixup game and safe on block. Low attack alt does huge pushback on block and has great range.

Overhead Strike (Back+M) Really fast overhead, great range and can special cancel. Is safe on block but not when canceled onto Ground Spark. Can cancel into Escrima Fury and will connect if opponent tries to land a reversal after Back+M. If opponent blocks both attacks, they get a free punish.

Wing Ding (Jump, Dwn-Back+L) is a great tool for a keep away game at long ranges. Not safe on block up close but the MB version is. Use this with a Jump+H for good, easy damage. Store in muscle memory.

Flip Kick (Dwn-Back+H) Great tool for a quick, sneaky overhead coming from the top. MB version will ground bounce opponent and will have additional combo potential. Both versions safe on block.

Jump+H is Nightwings best anti AND air-to-air option.

Nightwing needs to either keep at distances or use all of his quick mixup options to fight using Escrima stance. H-H-H (overhead), Back+L-H (low) and M-M-H (overhead) are great tools for his strategy and all safe on block!

STAFF Stance:

*Note* All Nightwing’s mobility has slow down and hop jumps instead.

Jump+M is important option to take out characters that have a flying ability and can be somewhat used for an anti-air counter.

Fwd+L-L (low) and Fwd+L-M (overhead) is to be used for mind games. Fwd+L-L can be special canceled.

Staff Spin (MB optional) is promising combo ender and does good chip damage. Both options - safe on block.

Flying Grayson is used to cover distance. Is safe on block with good damage.

Ground Blast (MB) will have opponent in floating state if connected. Incorporate this into game play as much as possible.


ESCRIMA Stance: Jump+H, H-H xx Staff Stance xx Staff Spin(MB) – 32% dmg

ESCRIMA Stance: Jump+M, M-M xx Escrima Fury, Fwd+H, Jump+M, H-H xx Escrima Fury(MB) – 36% dmg

ESCRIMA Stance: Jump+M, M-M xx Escrima Fury(MB), Back+H, Jump+H, H-H xx Escrima Fury(MB) – 41% dmg

ESCRIMA Stance: Jump+H, H-H xx Escrima Fury, Fwd Dash, Dark As Night – 42% dmg

ESCRIMA Stance: Jump+M, M-M xx Escrima Fury, Fwd+H, Jump+H, Dark As Night – 41% dmg

STAFF Stance: Jump+M, M, H, L xx Flying Grayson – 32% dmg

STAFF Stance: Jump+M, L-L xx Ground Blast(MB), Jump+M, L, L xx Flying Grayson – 42% dmg

STAFF Stance: Jump+M, M, Back+H, Jump+H, L xx Dark As Night – 49% dmg

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