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Initial impressions to Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal

Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer

This week Activision finally debuted the highly anticipated multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty: Ghosts -- and it didn't disappoint. Or did it? New to this year's installment is the ability to create squads, customize your character(s), play as a female, and even play against other players' created squads in an intriguing co-op environment. Let's not forget about the Dynamic Map events which will alter the game map that you're playing on with crumbling buildings.

But is it enough to keep Call of Duty: Ghosts ahead of Battlefield 4? Activision has already acknowledged pre-orders for Call of Duty: Ghosts are below that of last year's Black Ops 2. It was believed that the game's multiplayer reveal should rekindle interest in the long-standing series, but did it?

What are your thoughts on the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal?

Lance Liebl Follow on Twitter

Lance Liebl

I have mixed feelings on the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal. I feel like I'm kind of being duped into believing their changes are this huge, big thing, when it's actually just a new coat of paint. The Pick 10 system is just changed around a bit so that you use it just for perks, and equipment is on its own. It's no big change, but I guess it's a change I like.

The new prestige system to go with Squads mode is interesting. Customization is long overdue, so I'm thrilled they're finally adding that. Actually, I think that's the most exciting thing to the multiplayer. I'm torn on the whole unlocking weapons in whatever order you want. On one hand, I don't want the best weapons to be available right away, but on the other hand, I like that lower levels will have equal equipment to higher levels.

The addition of being able to play as a woman is not that big of a deal. If you thought the CoD community was toxic and sexist, just wait until you hear what people say to/about female characters. And the worst reveal was the dynamic maps. It's all scripted. I couldn't care less about some walls breaking when there's another modern FPS game that does is sooooo much better.

They made minor tweaks to a multiplayer that tons of people already love. They didn't have to do a lot, just enough to make people think they changed a lot. So: customization yes! Everything else I'll hold my breath on.

Verdict: Mixed feelings...

Matt Liebl Follow on Twitter

matt liebl pictureI wasn't blown away. What did they really add that innovates multiplayer gameplay? The ability to customize your character? Squads? It's just not enough for me.

Customization is a nice feature, but I fear the addition of female soldiers -- not for the reasons you think, though. I'm all for equality in video games and in the armed forces, and all that, but I fear the CoD community's reaction to females. Let's be honest, the Call of Duty community isn't exactly known for its maturity. Imagine the reaction when someone finds out they are playing against a girl. I imagine it'll be something like this.

Squads does absolutely nothing for me. I like the idea of having multiple characters as different loadouts, but the thought of playing against AI sounds boring to me. I play Call of Duty for the challenge of playing against other humans. Infinity Ward has promised incredibly smart AI, but I have my reservations. Unless these bots are really as smart and human-like as Infinity Ward says they are, I'll be ignoring this mode.

So what does that leave for traditional multiplayer? Some new maps with "dynamic" changes? And by dynamic I mean scripted events that will alter the level design? Battlefield 4 already does that, only it's not scripted. Unfortunately, all of my friends and co-workers will jump on the CoD bandwagon because they have no soul. I'm looking at you, Mike Meredith.

Verdict: Not enough innovation, and oh boy do I fear the addition of female characters.

Mike Splechta Follow on Twitter

Mike Splechta

As a casual Call of Duty player, I have to say I was pretty excited to see Activision making strides to appeal to gamers like me. I'm referring to the new Squads mode.

Squads blew me away on many levels. I'm not the type to spend my nights playing Call of Duty online, being berated by 13 year olds who are obviously way better than me. Squads is awesome because it acts as a multiplayer mode, meaning I still advance my multiplayer profile, but play against AI. Activision promised a completely revamped AI, which will behave like actual players. This will allow me to hone my skills and hopefully improve for when I actually do venture online.

I'm also quite impressed with the massive amounts of customization that Activision has added to the game. Boasting over 20,000 customization possibilities, players will be able to make their Squads fairly unique.

I realize that these additions are probably the least important to hardcore Call of Duty players. After all, even without a multiplayer reveal, they already have their copies fully paid off. But I'm glad to see that Activision is making strides to also appeal to the more casual market, which I definitely fall into.

Verdict: Squads blew me away!

Andrew Clouther Follow on Twitter

Andrew Clouther

CoD has been a dead franchise to me for many years now -- seemingly a whole lot of copy paste each year with not enough innovation to reel me back in. I always watch the reveals hoping for something big; I want to see that "thing" that everyone so madly addicted to it. Call of Duty: Ghosts may just be the first game in the franchise to break the mold for me though with their recent multiplayer reveal.

Character customization in a CoD game… what!? Your appearance is unique, you can play as a woman, and you can choose your colorization… what is going on CoD? These features are all so simple, so desired, and have always been so ignored until now. Sure appearance won’t affect your murderous rampages but man that’s an awesome new feature. 20,000 customization options – I don’t even know what to say. But wait, the customization also comes to play in your perks which DO affect gameplay? Now you have my attention. The game is also opening up to larger audiences with co-op options and not just deathmatches – well played.

This CoD game is truly moving away from the annual cloned drivel that is has been in the past with some RPG-esque elements. I’m impressed Infinity Ward, I truly am. On top of all this the graphics will look better on PC than on next gen consoles? How delightful to us PC gamers! While the hurt from past CoD’s isn’t making Ghosts a day one purchase for me, it’s moved from my ‘zero interest’ column into my ‘keep an eye on it’ column. Regardless, this multiplayer reveal showed me that they are moving the franchise into a far more positive direction than previous releases.

Verdict:  Customization and love for PC? I'm impressed!

What did you think of the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal? Are you impressed with the new additions? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter: @GameZoneOnline.

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