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I'm not entirely on board with another Mass Effect Trilogy

I'm not entirely on board with another Mass Effect Trilogy

This morning, we posted the rumor that both the Xbox One and PS4 would be getting the Mass Effect Trilogy. This would mark the second time such a Trilogy collection was released; the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC saw the same thing release back in 2012. Personally, I really don't see the pressing need for a prettier version of a game we all know and love.

Unless, of course, they fix the handling and controls of the original Mass Effect. Seriously; as much as I enjoyed the story in the original, the game has not aged well at all.

I guess the biggest reason I feel this way is that I'm really, really itching for some new content in the Mass Effect universe. We've known there's new content coming for quite some time. It's been teased and discussed for nearly as long as the Mass Effect Trilogy has been on store shelves. Sure, this could serve as an excuse for Xbox One and PS4 owners to get a chance to play through the franchise before the next installment, but let's be perfectly honest: if you already own a new console, chances are you've already played Mass Effect. Even if you haven't, would you prefer to pay $59.99 for a very pretty game or $29.99 (current price on Amazon) to play it on PC/Xbox 360/PS3?

I'd go with the latter, but I might be a bit more budget concious than others.

There's always the line of thinking that a "Super HD" Mass Effect Trilogy can let BioWare get accustomed to developing on new consoles. Still, though, is it weird that I want to play a new game on my new console? Developers and publishers seem to be keen on releasing sequels or remakes of the same old same old.

Surely I'm not the only one who wants something new, right? 

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