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I have yet to play Shovel Knight and that makes me a bad person

I have yet to play Shovel Knight and that makes me a bad person

Shovel Knight released on June 26th. It was an immediate purchase; the game had been on my radar since I saw it running at PAX East 2013. While the game downloaded, I set my 3DS aside and set a mental note to bring my handheld with me to my weekly game of Magic: the Gathering.

I’ve tried to set that mental note three weeks in a row, all to no avail. My 3DS is still sitting on my desk. Shovel Knight is begging to be played. Every time I open the system up, I hear the chime sing through the speakers, filling me with feelings of regret and sadness.

To make things worse, I’ve seen friends at the card shop bring their 3DSs for the sole purpose of, you guessed it, playing Shovel Knight. Clearly I haven’t been the only person to think of this and yet, I’m probably the only person to fail in following through with my plans.

Today is a different day, though. Today is a day where this madness ends. Today is the day I eat all the Chinese food I can at the local buffet, head on over to the card shop, and play both Shovel Knighti and Magic: the Gathering.

Well, technically…that day was Wednesday, because I wrote this article on a Wednesday and it is being posted on a weekend. Still, you get the point.

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