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Holy Trailers Batman!


Too.  Many.  Awesome.  Trailers.  Okay, so this past week has seen some awesome, action-packed trailers that are sure to translate into entertaining movies.  Right now, my heart can't handle the amount of anticipation I'm experiencing. 

First up, we have the G.I. Joe Retaliation trailer--the sequel to a G.I. Joe movie that had nothing to do with G.I. Joe.  General Hawk (Dennis Quade) appears to be missing from this movie, but we get Bruce Willis instead.  I'm actually okay with that.  My memory is a little rusty, but I believe his character, Joe Colton, was the original G.I. Joe.  Anyways, at the end of the trailer we see him add a little Bruce Willis action, followed by a little Bruce Willis humor.  With an awesome fighting scene on the side of a mountain featuring Snake Eyes, this movie looks to be much more of a G.I. Joe movie than the last.  And the Rock is in it...


Next, we have the most testosterone-packed, knifing extravaganza that you're bound to see until a third installment is made.  I'm talking about The Expendables 2 trailer.  It's not very long, but everyone that was in the first is back for more killing.  The sequel adds even more action-movie star power to it with the additions of Arnold in a more prominent role (he's blasting a gun away in the trailer!), Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis (fighting this time), and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked his way into this movie.  Combined with a Dr. Pepper 10 ad, this might be the most manly thing ever!


Next, we have the final installment of Christopher Nolan's and Christian Bale's Batman movies, The Dark Knight Rises.  I'm still looking forward to seeing the eight minutes of the movie before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but this is an amazing placeholder until then, or until another trailer with even more scenes comes out.  This is such an awesome trailer that I'm not even going to describe what happens in it; just watch it for yourself.  And for all you Steelers fans out there: yes, that is Hines Ward.  Be thankful that he outran that.


Finally, we have the trailer that I'm most excited about--The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  I had goosebumps from the beginning of the trailer, and revisiting Middle Earth got me so excited that I proceeded to squealing each character's name in the highest pitch my voice could go to everyone in my office.  This looks so awesome that I can't even desribe it in words.  I mean...it's Gandalf....Gandalf...


Which of these four movies are you most excited for?  How would you rank these trailers from best to worst?

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