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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Must-have Games for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Wii U, 3DS

The force is strong with these games

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PC & Mobile


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns - $49.99 GW2 Store

guild wars 2 heart of thorns

Heart of Thorns --  Guild Wars 2's first expansion -- lets you explore new training opportunities for your character beyond level 80 and master abilities like hang gliding in the jungle, tearing the bark off of heavily armored Mordrem, or building new collections that earn precursors to a legendary weapon. Continue to Review

Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide - $29.99-59.99 Steam

civilization beyond earth rising tide

Beyond Earth extended the Civilization franchise from its historical setting into the possible futures of science fiction. Rising Tide extends Beyond Earth to new frontiers on the planet’s surface and beneath its seas, adding even more choices and diplomatic options as you continue to build “just one more turn” toward a new vision for the future of humanity. Continue to Review

Cities: Skylines - $29.99 Steam

cities skylines

At its core, Cities: Skylines is about the joy of building, and it works. It gives you the freedom to do what you want and build to your heart’s content, without absurd restrictions. For those who just like to build, you can do that. For those who enjoy mastering the finer strategies of managing a city, you can do that too. There’s something for everyone, and if it’s not in the base game, you can probably find it in the Steam Workshop. Continue to Review

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC - $59.99 Steam

gta 5 pc

Rockstar brought their latest and biggest game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last year -- Grand Theft Auto 5. Earlier this year, the game finally made its way to PC. If you're a PC gamer, GTA V is an entirely different beast, as mods can change the way you play and shake things up. And don't forget about the multiplayer experience, GTA Online. Continue to Review

Pillars of Eternity - $44.99 Steam

pillars of eternity

Recapture the deep sense of exploration, the joy of a pulsating adventure, and the thrill of leading your own band of companions across a new fantasy realm and into the depths of monster-infested dungeons in search of lost treasures and ancient mysteries. Continue to Review

The Talos Principle - $39.99 Steam

the talos principle

The Talos Principle is a first person exploration puzzle game that focuses on philosophy. You must decide what to do, what your purpose is (we play as a robot) and how to progress while making the correct decisions. 

Massive Chalice - $19.99 Steam

massive chalice

The big focus in Massive Chalice is bloodlines and generational gameplay. What that means is your heroes will be able to marry other heroes, produce children and then play as those characters, and continue the bloodline. That also means positive and negative traits will transfer over through your lineage as well.

Lara Croft GO - $4.99 Google Play / iTunes App Store

lara croft go

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

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