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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Kids games, movies, toys and more

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, here's why...

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Star Wars Jedi Holocron - $15.99-24.99 Uncle Milton / Amazon

star wars jedi holocron

This is no Jedi Mind Trick! Test your knowledge against the all-knowing Jedi Holocron. Think of any Star Wars being, location, or technology. Answer its questions and be amazed as it guesses what you're thinking in 20 questions or you win. Can you outsmart the Holocron?

Star Wars Force Levitator - $19.99-24.99 UM / Amazon

star wars force levitator

Magically suspend and move objects in mid-air using an invisible, electrostatic force! Master the amazing force like a Jedi as you Force Push deflector targets using the Jedi Training Rod and Force Pull them using the energy from your hands!

Star Wars Force Trainer 2: Hologram Experience - $79-119 UM / Amazon

star wars force trainer 2 hologram

Now you can move holograms with just the power of your mind! Re-enact famous Jedi challenges as you advance through 10 different levels of Force Training. Develop your powers of concentration and see if you can reach the rank of Jedi Master.

Star Wars Bladebuilders - $49.99 Amazon

star wars bladebuilders

Every imaginative child that loves Star Wars should have one of these. The Bladebuilders comes with multiple parts to let your child create his/her own customizable lightsaber with over 100 combinations, all of which light up and make sounds. The possibilities are endless. 

LEGO Star Wars (Prices and Links below)

lego star wars poe dameron's xwing

As you can guess by now, we are huge advocates for Star Wars, especially with The Force Awakens releasing in theaters soon. Since LEGOs are amazing and everyone loves them, the LEGO Star Wars sets for The Force Awakens are some of the coolest we've seen. You can't go wrong with Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter ($84.99), the new red and black First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter ($68.59), or Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle ($104.99) which comes with Kylo Ren! If you want to go a little less expensive, you can get Rey's Speeder ($19.87), which comes with Rey, who's shaping up to be an amazing character in the new film.

LEGO Minecraft (Prices and Links below)

lego minecraft the mine

There is one thing that is universally true: kids love Minecraft. Whether it's the game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, toys, books or LEGOs, kids can't get enough of it. All of the kids I know, including my own, have multiple LEGO Minecraft sets, and they want the newer ones too. There's The Mine ($91.99) that comes with Steve, Creeper, zombie, skeleton and a spider, as well as a huge mine cart track; Desert Outpost ($59.68) complete with enemies, weapons, TNT, a boat and Steve and Alex; Snow Hideout ($34.99) which includes a shooting Snow Golem, Steve, a creeper and has a wintery look to it; and finally, the Nether Fortress ($76.90), which has glow stone, a fire-shooting Ghast, zombie pigman, Steve and Alex. 

minecraft crafting box

There's also the Minecraft Crafting Box ($40.99), which has Steve, a skeleton, a mooshroom, a pickaxe, Redstone, torches, plants, oven, TNT and more among 521 Minecraft-themed LEGO pieces. It has instructions for eight different buildings you can build from the set.

Disney Descendants Dolls - $21.99 Target

disney descendants dolls

Meet the teenage descendants of Disney’s heroes and villains wearing their enchanted signature looks from the movie. These dolls each come with rooted hair, a stylish outfit, an iconic locket, and a sticker. Disney's Descendants follows in the footsteps of other TV musicals like High School Musical, has has quite the following. 

Shopkins - Varying prices Amazon


I'll do my best to describe Shopkins. Shopkins are grocery store and shopping store-themed characters that kids love to collect and play with. There's blind bags and play sets and vehicles. Boys and girls alike love these little toys, which I've seen range from $3 to $40 depending on the set. 

The Peanuts Movie Happy Dance Snoopy plush - $29.99 Toys R Us

happy dance snoopy

Your little one will feel like part of the Peanuts gang with the Peanuts Happy Dance Snoopy, which dances along to the show's classic theme song. Giving Snoopy a kiss on the nose will prompt the Beagle to laugh, kiss back, give your child a raspberry or get angry. Kids are sure to love watching his reactions and start dancing along.

Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord - $47.49 Amazon

imaginext power rangers megazord

Unleash the fire power of the Imaginext Morphin Megazord on Power Rangers villains like the Putty Patrol! Turn the Power Pad on Megazord's left shoulder for an awesome transformation - his chest opens, his eyes light up and his chest "morphs" into a cannon. Under attack? Push a button on the cannon to fire Power Missiles. And so much more. The adventure continues on back, with a jail cell, a place to meet with Zordon, an elevator - and lots of levels and platforms for figures to stand on. With so much to do, imagine the adventures your little fans will create (or recreate) with their favorite Power Rangers characters and villains!

Kids Gliderboards - $449 Gliderboards

kids gliderboard

Glider boards are electrically powered scooters that use innovative technology to maintain your balance while using it so that standing still, moving forward or turning around is easier then walking; All you need to do is lean toward the direction you intend on going and it will get you there. Comes in a variety of colors. 

Star Wars BB-8 by Sphero - $179.99 Amazon

sphero bb8

Sphero brings to life Star Wars: The Force Awakens' cute, adorable rolly droid, BB-8. You control this tiny replica with your smartphone or tablet. BB-8 by Sphero also recognizes and reacts to your voice, and can also record video. It's probably the coolest Star Wars product to own this year. 

MEGABLOKS Halo UNSC Attack Gausshog - $24.99


Deliver a heavy blow and set the scene for an epic showdown with the UNSC Attack Gausshog by Mega Bloks Halo! A heavy-duty variation of the classic Warthog ATV, this iconic UNSC vehicle features a black resin finish and gold interior, as well as working suspension for tackling tough terrain. It comes equipped with a 360-degree rotating Gauss Cannon that’s capable of devastating enemy vehicles and crushing ground troops in one mighty blast. Build the Gausshog and load your iconic Master Chief and Arbiter characters to lead the assault.

MEGABLOKS Halo Phaeton Gunship - $44.99


The UNSC will be diving for cover with the arrival of the Phaeton Gunship by Mega Bloks Halo! Used by the Forerunner Prometheans in their long war against the virulent Flood, the Phaeton once again takes to the skies. Build the Phaeton and support the two Promethean Soldiers as they try to prevent a brave Spartan from getting a lock on the Phaeton with her rocket launcher!

MEGABLOKS Halo Scorpion's Sting - $54.99

scorpion's sting

Crush the Covenant alliance beneath your treads with the Scorpion’s Sting by Mega Bloks Halo! Versatile, reliable, and protected by tons of ceramic and titanium battleplate, the Scorpion main battle tank is also the final word in UNSC firepower. Now you can build your own Scorpion tank with four independently articulated tracks and strike back at the Covenant with a powerful cannon.

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