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Here's five minutes and early impressions of The Crew Closed Beta

I love me some racing games. BurnoutNeed for SpeedForzaMario Kart; if it involves racing, chances are I will play it. Hell, one of the main reasons why I cancelled my PlayStation 4 day one reserve was because Driveclub was delayed.

That and, well, money was suddenly tight.

The Crew is a racing game that features an open-world United States of America. For most, that's enough to get excited about, but I wanted more than that. I played the game back at E3 2013 and thought it was just okay; a solid racer with an interesting premise. Now I'm able to get my hands on without any boundaries. 

I'd only last about five or so minutes playing The Crew before getting the heck out of dodge. The following video has all of the details.

Jake won a "Need for Speed: Rivals" tournament back at E3, so he'd like to think he knows what he's talking about with racing games. You can follow him on Twitter @hop3less.

Jake Valentine
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