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[Hands On] WWE 2K18 Preview & Developer Interview: Wrestling is back, baby!

Wrestling is back baby!

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The last bit that I wanted to touch on is the mode Road to Glory. The only way to really describe it or to parallel it with something similar would be like Call of Duty’s multiplayer, just more creative. Road to Glory is an online multiplayer mode that allows you to bring in your MyPlayer created wrestler online and challenge other players. But here’s the catch gist. You start off at a prospect level and you level up, eventually hitting the acclaimed “Hall of Famer.” The mode is real-time and dynamic, so for instance, if it’s a Monday, then online, you’ll be entering to play on WWE RAW, it’s a Tuesday, then you’ll play on Smackdown LIVE! For other days of the week, you may wrestle on cards like Nitro and so forth. But, on days where there is a live pay-per-view, you’ll be able to earn a spot (or pay) to wrestle on that card. In fact, you will play against the actual wrestler on that event’s card. So, let’s say for instance that Roman Reigns is set to wrestle John Cena at SummerSlam, you’d have to enter by accomplishing a certain set of tasks or spend coins you’ve earned to enter. If you do, you’ll wrestler either of those two men. Winning an event at a PPV will score you some awesome loot, like boosts, characters moves, and exclusive outfit pieces your MyPlayer. It’s really an awesome setup when you consider it’s happening real time with the WWE’s schedule. 

WWE Loot crate

Loot boxes are one the thing I do want to clarify since I specifically asked Lynell Jinks this question, there are NO microtransactions. You will not spend real-world currency on anything in the game. All the loot boxes in the game are either purchased with in-game currency, which you’ve earned, or awarded from online wins. Items that you do win online can be used for your characters offline, so it really is a win-win. I really applaud 2K for going this route and not forcing players to pay for content, when it really seems like that’s where the industry is going. 

So you’re probably wondering, is there anything bad in this game? Well, I don’t know if bad is the right word. I did run into an issue that I confirmed was happening to others around me. Because we were testing the game in a warehouse, with industrial fans blowing, we were given headphones. The headphones were plugged directly into the PS4 controller and not the system. When the game would start a match and the intros would play, the audio would cut out terrible, sounds and music would all skip. However, when we unplugged the headphones and turned up the volume on the TV, the issue was not present. I can’t say for sure if that was the issue, nor can I say that if you play with USB or other headphones that plug into the system if that problem is fixed. The issue was brought up to the developers on site and hopefully, it’s fixed before the game releases. 

Finally, one area I wanted to touch upon was the Nintendo Switch. The game is coming to the Switch and supposedly in its entirety. Jinks said (in our interview) that the game is being ported over as is, as in all of its content, not necessarily the graphics. He said the team is not making a separate version just for the Switch. The only downside is the Switch version is tagged with "to be released this fall." When that actually means, we don't know. But for diehard wrestling fans who want to play their My Career and Road to Glory on the go, it may be worth the wait. Not to mention, this is the first WWE game on a Nintendo console in around five years, so, there's that.

So that about it, I could go on but those are my initial impressions from my hands on. I’ll save my feelings towards the game for a final review later this month. In the meantime, if I glossed over something or if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Either leave a comment down below and I’ll try and get back to you when I can or send me a question on Twitter @MikeWewerka for a faster response. 


Also, for fans of The Frak Podcast, I have a quick interview with the WWE Tag Team Breezango (Fandango and Tyler Breeze) which will be included in this week’s show, available Friday. 

WWE 2K18 is due out on October 17 for $59.99 or $89.99 for the deluxe edition. Just a reminder, if you pre-order WWE2K18, you get access to WWE Superstar and Gold Medal Olympian, Kurt Angle.


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