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Halo 4: Terminal Locations Guide | Mission 3 'Forerunner Terminal'

There are 7 Terminals hidden throughout Halo 4's campaign. The second Terminal, titled "Lord of Admirals", is located near the beginning of Mission 3 "Forerunner" (Rally Point: Alpha).

How to find the "Lord of Admirals" Terminal on Mission 3: Forerunner:

After clearing some waves of enemies on a platform, Master Chief will experience some distortion in his helmet. After a quick exchange with Cortana, you'll notice a rocky ramp on the side. Rather than go up this ramp head to the ground level of the Promethean building directly in front of you. The Terminal is located just below a circular metallic awning.

Congrats, you unlocked Terminal 2: Lord of Admirals!

Halo 4 Forerunner Terminal

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