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Halo 4 Specializations guide


Alright Spartans, it’s time we talk about specializations in Halo 4.  Once you get your Spartan to SR 50 you gain the option to specialize.  There is no downside to specializing, and you should do it the moment you are allowed to.  The only quasi-difficult part is picking which of the 8 to start with.  Unless you preordered the Halo 4 Limited Edition, you only start with two specializations – Wetwork and Operator.  As part of the Specialization Priority Alpha initiative, Microsoft emailed players who had been playing online 2 weeks after release a code to unlock the other six specializations instantly.

The moment you select your specialization, you are committed to it for 10 levels.  When you reach SR 60 and every tenth level after, you select a new specialization until you’ve mastered all eight of them.  In a match you can switch between load outs and different specialization weapons and abilities.  During these ten levels of specializations, you will unlock unique weapon skins, armors, visors, and eventually a powerful perk mod.  Unless you are really into customizing the look of your Spartan, I would recommend choosing a specialization based off which level 10 perk you want; either that, or just get them all.     



Drop Recon Mod: Before other players are alerted about drops coming down into the map, the Engineer knows.  Engineers know where drops will occur locally a few seconds before other players do.  The arrows that tell where the drops are will have a longer range for Engineers.

Weapon Skin: Suppressor

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Wheelman Mod: If EMP shots are a problem while driving your favorite vehicles, the Wheelman Mod is for you.  An Operator will recover quickly from a charged plasma pistol, so drive / fly on.  In addition, the health of the health of vehicles the operator drives recharges faster.

Weapon Skin: Magnum

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Gunner Mod: You are the Goose to the Operator’s Maverick.  With the Gunner Mod, vehicle weapons overheat slower and cooldown faster.  The Pathfinder also moves at normal speed while carrying a detached weapon.

Weapon Skin: Assault Riffle

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Fast Track Mod: This mod will gain you more experience after each match, but only while you’re using a load out with this mod.  Fast Track offers about 20% extra experience while attached.  NOTE – double XP bonus won't stack with the Fast Track Mod, you won't receive 40% extra XP (you'll stay at 20% extra XP).

Weapon Skin: Plasma Pistol

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Stability Mod: The Rogue believes in accurate shot every time.  With the Stability Mod, a Rouge’s aim is more stable even while being shot.

Weapon Skin: Covenant Carbine

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Nemesis Armor Mod: Vengeance is in the blood of the Stalker Spartan.  After dying, the Stalker is aware of where the foe that killed him is located for five seconds after respawning.

Weapon Skin: Battle Riffle

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Requisition Mod: Tracker’s know what they want and they get what they want; the heart wants what the heart wants.  After receiving options for which ordinance drops are available, the requisition mod allows the player to recall their ordnance requests to acquire better weapons in the battlefield.

Weapon Skin: Boltshot

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Stealth Mod: The Wetwork operative works hidden and in silence.  With the Stealth Mod perk the Wetwork operative receives quieter footsteps, faster assassination animations, and shows up less on Promethean Vision – instead of seeing a heat signal, your foes only see your outline. 

Weapon Skin: DMR    

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