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Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Survival Guide


The Halo 4 Castle Map Pack has arrived, bringing along three new maps and rounding out the game’s season pass offerings. Will there be more map packs for Halo 4? Probably, but for now we have a fresh batch of maps to deal with: Daybreak, Outcast, and Perdition.

The three maps offer mid-to-large scale battles and are currently featured on a playlist with 6-on-6 objective and Slayer gametypes. If you had to narrow down the focus of these maps to one thing, it would be CTF with vehicles and precision weapons. That said, they all offer some pretty different play experiences. Let’s explore each one...


Halo 4 Castle Map Pack

Daybreak’s main design focus is on an equal-but-different central area between the two bases. One base has a man cannon that launches players to the center, while the other base has quick land bridges that will take players to the central high ground. Daybreak features vehicles including the Ghost, Warthog, and Banshee, though their usefulness will depend greatly on your driving skill. With snaking paths around the outskirts and heavy combat in the center of the map, there’s a lot of action packed into a seemingly small area.

Daybreak Tips & Tricks

  • Precision weapons seem to be the name of the game on Daybreak. Snipers, Battle Rifles, and DMRs are everywhere, and you probably can’t beat them without precision weapons of your own.
  • Learn as many cover points and escape routes as possible. Deaths can come quick and from huge distances, so you’ll want options for retreating and living to fight another day.
  • Vehicles are a gamble on this map. The Banshee can dominate, but getting around the tighter paths with a Warthog is a deathwish. Only skilled drivers should apply.
  • Many of the Armor Abilities are viable options on this map. Even Hardlight Shield, an AA I’ve largely wrote off, can be a viable distraction with the larger player counts.
  • Daybreak’s two bases are so close to each other that they’re practically having a staring match. That makes the middle ground between them highly contentious, while the side routes are often completely empty. Use these routes for unexpected flag captures and flanking opportunities.


Halo 4 Castle Map Pack

Outcast is a good all-around map. Most any strategy, Armor Ability, and weapon can be a viable option in the right hands. It’s a large map with wide open areas and tight corridors in equal measure. You’ll have to deal with a Wraith one moment and close-quarters combat the next. The Mantis makes an appearance too, making this one of the most varied maps in the entire roster.

Outcast Tips & Tricks

  • The trick to Outcast seems to be contending with so many potential variables. Sure, most players tend to employ the same strategy on every map they play, but how often is a Wraith thrown into the mix in Halo 4 multiplayer?
  • Vehicle control can be a devastating tactic on Outcast. A team in control of both a Wraith and a Mantis, when the other team has neither, can end a game before it even starts.
  • Your choice of weapon tends to inform your tactics on Outcast. Use precision weapons and you’ll want to stay in view of wide open paths with long sightlines. Grab a close range weapon and you’ll want to stick to the tighter paths.
  • With a wide open route around the map, piling into a Warthog is a great way to make flag runs and cause chaos. Just look out for those pesky plasma grenades.


Halo 4 Castle Map Pack

Wide open spaces are the name of the game in Perdition. This industrial map is reminiscent of the open fields of Blood Gulch, resulting in epic long-range struggles between multiple players. It also means kills can come instantaneously, as you’ll often get hit with DMR shots from multiple players at once. Positioning is key. That, or simply hopping into a rocket Warthog.

Perdition Tips & Tricks

  • Plenty of flat terrain means you’ll be spending a lot of time holding down the sprint button. The Mobility Tactical Package will help thanks to the infinite sprint it provides.
  • The open firefights mean you’ll have to be a crack shot or choose your flanking opportunities wisely.
  • On that note, of the three maps, Perdition has the most quiet areas to run off to of the three maps. Finding empty paths to attack other players from will give you a huge advantage, so don’t simply run through the middle of the map over and over.
  • Warthogs are key on this map. Good driver/gunner combos can do some serious damage, while a passenger can round out a quick and easy flag run. The only problem is Halo 4’s predominant counter -- the easy plasma grenade stick. My suggestion? Grab a rocket ‘hog and never give them a chance.

Have your own tips and tricks for Halo 4’s latest map pack? Share them in the comments below!

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