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GZ's Top 5 of the Week׃ Top 5 Spin off Pokemon Games

These are not the core games you're looking for

With the announcement of Detective Pikachu, many may be wondering how Nintendo came to the decision of such a bizarre concept. Pokemon, and Nintendo in general, are no strangers to the concept of a spin-off game. Pokemon has been around for 20 years, going by Japanese release, and such a franchise has a great number of spin-offs.

Some of these spin-offs even spawned their own sub-series that could very well be considered a success on their own. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular Pokemon Spin-off games and put them to the list! Will Detective Pikachu be one of your Top 5 Games of 2016? Did your favorite spin-off make it on our list? Let us know your favorite Pokemon Spin-off game! Unless it’s Hey You Pikachu… as fun of an idea as it was, that game was terrible.

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