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GZ Roundtable: What do you want to see announced during the next Xbox reveal?


We're just days away from Microsoft revealing a new generation of Xbox. Come Tuesday, we should have an idea as to what the next-generation of gaming will entail. With the PS4 already announced, it's Microsoft's turn to wow us with the future of Xbox. What will they do? What will we see?

There's been tons of rumors and hype leading up to Tuesday's big event is at an all-time high. Will the next Xbox force you to be online to play games? Is the rumored always-on requirement just for patch purposes? Can you play pre-owned games? Will it emphasize the social aspects of gaming as the PS4 attempts? Will it even emphasize gaming? Microsoft has been keen in turning the Xbox into more of just a gaming console -- they want it to be an all-around entertainment hub. 

We don't know what Microsoft plans to show, but here's what the GameZone crew is hoping to see:

Max Baehr Follow on Twitter

Max BaehrOk, so we'll probably see some specs, maybe a price point, and most likely the console itself -- at least that's what we can assume, given Major Nelson's dig at Sony back in February. Cool. I want to see all of that. I'd also like to see whether Microsoft states any strong intents with the Kinect, or simply embed the technology and avoid discussion of coercing users and developers to adopt it. I'm a bit of an input Luddite, generally preferring a couch/controller/Cheetos setup. There are exceptions, like Wii Sports, or really, any game designed specifically for motion control, but by and large, Kinect has felt forced to me.

But let me put on my wild fantasy hat for a second...
What I hope to see at the reveal is a blanket rejection of DRM. Yup! Did EA dump their Online Pass service under the assumption that it would become redundant under always-on DRM? Of course not! Will new Xbox discs come with mandatory single-console install codes that strive to eliminate the games after-market? Perish the thought! And so on. I would love to see a strong nod in the direction of the players, similar to Sony's announcement that PS4 was designed with developers in mind.
Ok, fantasy hat off. More likely, we'll get some information on the new Xbox's full-home media support, which I'm actually looking forward to quite a bit. In particular, I'd like to see support for Apple TV and Plex Media Server, although both would require serious cooperation from the other parties. I'm also curious whether Microsoft will help wean me off my cable box, be it with league-specific sports packages, media conglomerate deals, or what have you. For me, that would be the major point of difference in favor of Xbox -- tie my home together, using the technology I've already chosen, and get me out of my cable contract. Please?

Verdict: The "entertainment hub" we've been promised.

Andrew Clouther Follow on Twitter

Andrew Clouther

Is it wrong to say I’m not specifically excited about anything with the new Xbox reveal? “I’m excited for next gen graphics. I want to see what Halo will look like on the new console. I’m ready for a new era of consoles.” Could there be any more of generic answers? What if there is a Kinect 2.0? What if it works with every game? What if every game is REALLY better with Kinect? IS THIS A WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN!?

I really just care if the system will be backwards compatible and if it will be able to play used games. If it can’t do both of these things then it is dead to me. I’m an extremely biased PC gamer, for to want to buy the new Xbox on day one would take a near miracle or for Microsoft to live in my head for a year to know exactly what appeals to me.

I guess, a really neato controller would be nice. You know… so I can USB that sucka into my PC.   

Verdict: If the next-gen is better with Kinect. 

Lance Liebl Follow on Twitter

Lance LieblWell, I mean, there's been so many damn rumors thus far, let's just go down the laundry list of things I want to know.

What are the specs? What's the release date? Will it be backwards compatible with the entire Xbox 360 library? What does it look like? Same controller? How much will it cost? To what extent does it require an online connection? Does it block used games? What's the real freakin' name of it? Will it replace cable boxes? How many different versions of the next Xbox are there?

Microsoft needs to answer all of these things for me. Ya know why? Because they haven't said anything whatsoever this entire time. I need answers, because the silence is killing me. And I'm this close to skipping out on Microsoft's next-gen console altogether, and just going with the PS4 or upgrading my PC. 

Verdict: Answer some freaking questions, dammit.

Tatiana Morris Follow on Twitter

Tatiana Morris

There has been so much speculation around the next Xbox that it would be easy to get lost in the rumors. I would like to see Microsoft shoot down half of the rumors surrounding the next Xbox. No 'always-online', no 'no backwards compatibility', no prejudice towards used games and especially no Eye of Sauron Kinect that's always watching me! I want to say I have faith in Microsoft supplying us with a fantastic gaming console, but I certainly have my reservations. I'm afraid to see this gaming console become an 'entertainment console.' It's sole purpose was gaming when it first launched, I don't need it as my cable box...I don't need a contract to own my Xbox. 

Essentially, what I want to see from the reveal is a true gaming console...Oh, and I don't want them to touch that Xbox 360 controller - keep that baby the same.

Verdict: A true gaming console.

Matt Liebl Follow on Twitter

matt liebl pictureWhat I want to see announced and what Microsoft will announce are two totally different things. Look, the PS4 and next Xbox will be very similar in terms of processing power and graphical capabilities. There's not going to be a whole lot of difference between the two when it comes to multiplatform games. So the big thing for me is price, which Microsoft definitely won't be announcing.

The next is release date, another thing that won't be confirmed. Sure, we'll get a "release window," but don't count on an actual date. So what do I really want to see that I can expect to be announced?

Games. That is, if games will be the actual focus of the next Xbox. With everything we've heard about an "entertainment hub" I'm nervous that we'll only see one or two games and the rest will be entertainment features like new apps or tech devices like the new Kinect.

Verdict: Games.

Mike Splechta Follow on Twitter

Mike SplechtaI'm all about innovation in new consoles, but honestly, I could care less about things like a dedicated Share button. To me, an all-new console warrants all-new, fantastic games that push the boundaries of how we experienced gaming thus far. I want to see games that promise wild new gameplay elements, and wow me with gorgeous visuals. Simply said, I want to be just as impressed at whatever is being shown, as I was back when the Xbox 360 was first shown off. And that means Microsoft needs to show off some of its big guns in order to not only impress its dedicated fanbase, but make people say "what's a PS4?"

Secondly, I hope to at least catch a brief glimpse of the new console itself. Sony opted to save the aesthetics of their brand new baby for E3, which means fans can only dream of how this next-gen console will look on their entertainment center. Microsoft can get the jump on Sony by offering a glimpse at their brand new console. That will undoubtedly satisfy those who are eagerly awaiting to put down any amount of money on a pre-order.

Oh, as a side note, I'd love for Microsoft to put all those terrible rumors to bed. Though, with each day, that seems less and less likely.

Verdict: Games, baby!!

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