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Guess those video game boobs answers


How many of these boobs did you guess right to who they belonged to?

ivy soul calibur

rachel ninja gaiden

sophitia soul calibur

kasumi dead or alive

tifa final fantasy vii

mai king of fighters

samus metroid

sheeva mortal kombat

mileena mortal kombat

nariko heavenly sword

morrigan darkstalkers

sofia battle arena toshinden

catherine game

elizabeth bioshock infinite

harley quinn arkham asylum




1-3 correct: You either don't play a lot of video games, or you spend a lot of time with actual, real-life females. Good for you if it's the latter. If you don't play video games then something is wrong with you.

4-6 correct: There we go. That's a fair amount of knowledge of pixelated boobage. You're probably a gamer that plays the big titles, and thus recognized those big boobs.

7-9 correct: This is where most gamers fall into. Sure, girls might scoff that you can identify a video game character by the degree that her boob rests at, but it's not your fault that game developers make the characters this way. You're just playin' the game and takin' in the sights.

10-12 correct: This is where it starts to get a little creepy. This is where the chuckling stops and where the worried looks begin as you name off whose boobs those are.

13-14 correct: You make a fine padawan to the Jedi Master of video game boob knowledge. Sure, you got that dopey looking braided lock of hair that curtains your face, but you're still a Jedi, so you're cool, right? Wrong. This is a knowledge of video game boobs, not the Force.

15 correct: First, put your pants back on. Second, why can you identify all of these boobs? You are the Creepy McCreeperson of gamers. Maybe go pay for female companionship, I don't know. All I know is you're staring a bit too long at the boobs in the Ninja Gaiden pic, and your breathing is getting heavier. Yea, I may have put together this article, but I couldn't identify half of these. No one can stop you in your quest for digital cleavage knowledge. Tip: If you know all of these, maybe don't broadcast that. Say that you got a few wrong.

Lance Liebl Gamer, Disney enthusiast, opinionated sports fan, movie buff, and a father of two. You can follow Lance on Twitter @Lance_GZ.
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