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Guardians of Middle-earth: Arathorn gameplay video

Guardians of Middle-earth released today on the Xbox 360 (PS3 release was yesterday), and matches are in full swing. GoMe is a console MOBA; consider it the League of Legends of consoles. So while I write my review of the game, here is a video of a full game I played today as Arathorn.

Arathorn, the father to Aragorn, is a Warrior with a ranged basic attack -- a pretty cool combination. His abilities are:

  • Staggering Shot - Ranged stun that deals ability damage.
  • Dunedain Blade - Swings his blade in an arc, dealing damage over five seconds and slowing enemies.
  • Chieftain's Focus - Melee attack that does ability damage and provides an attack speed steroid
  • Ranger's Strike - Arathorn's ultimate strikes enemies in front of him for high burst damage, slows them, and then enters Arathorn into stealth for a short duration.

I will be making a guide on how to play Arathorn and how I prefer to build him. Until then, enjoy the game.

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