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GTA Online: There's a new exploit for unlimited money


Tight on cash in GTA Online? Still awaiting that promised stimulus package from Rockstar? Well, it appears there is a new exploit that can earn you unlimited money. While we at GameZone personally don't condone exploiting games, we understand that people do it. For that reason, we've posted a new video from YouTuber "Joblessgamers" as he walks you through a new exploit that can get you unlimited money.

As noted in the video, this exploit only works for the GTA Online patch 1.04. Rockstar is gearing up to release the 1.05 patch -- which could potentially contain a fix to this exploit -- so if you need money, I suggest you take advantage sooner rather than later. So here's how you do it:

As a warning, I don't think Rockstar really appreciates exploits -- as they have that in-game cash buying option -- so if you do choose to take advantage of this exploit, proceed with caution.

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