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GTA Online Cheats: Trade in low-cost cars for money to Los Santos Customs


Earlier this week we showed you an exploit, courtesy of YouTube user ProKrieK, that allows you to resell your car to Los Santos Customs repeatedly. Of course, many players don't want to resort to exploits or glitches for fast money, not to mention the method only worked on Xbox 360 versions.

For those wanting a more legitimate way to offer cars up to Los Santos Customs (LSC), here is how the system works.

Every 48 minutes, which equals out to a single 24 hour period of in-game time, LSC will accept a car from you, as long as its not a high-valued car. However, there are certain cars you should be looking out for, when trading them in to LSC, since they'll fetch for a higher price.

This picture illustrates some of the higher-valued cars that LSC will buy from you.

GTA Online car values

While this isn't the fastest way to earn in-game cash, it's another way to make a steady flow of cash without relying on glitches.

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