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GTA Online Cheats: Max out your driving skill fast

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Maxing out your stats is a little more involved when it comes to GTA Online. While the way to raise stats is relatively the same, it takes a bit longer, especially since your stats start out much lower than the three GTA 5 protagonists.

Thanks to this Reddit post, I was able to replicate his process and max out my driving skill to a 100 at around 24 minutes.

The steps are relatively easy:

  1. Find a Rockstar made Lap Race. I found that the Los Santos Airport Race was short enough to get this done in a relatively short time. In a sports car it took me about 50 seconds per lap, though with a motorcycle, you can probably get it done quicker. Unless you have some friends on that are gunning for the the same thing, you should probably do this Solo.
  2. Set the amount of laps for about 30-50, depending on where your driving skill is currently. If you're at one bar or less of driving skill, you'll want to do 50 laps, however if you're around two bars, 30 should be more than enough. You can always set more laps just to be safe, and then exit the mission when you reach max, however, you won't get the RP reward for completing it.
  3. Just keep racing while keeping your eye on the notifications for skill increase.

That's all there really is to it. It should take you around 20-40 minutes, depending on how many laps you're doing.

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