GTA Online Cheats: How to enter Fort Zancudo Military Base without a Wanted Level

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - army helicopter

Let's face it, you probably tried to enter Fort Zancudo numerous amount of times, fending off the Army and their immediate four-star Wanted Level. It's tough! Especially if you want to get the slower vehicles like the Tank or the Cargobob. Thanks to YouTube user SomeFilthyCasuals, anyone can now enter Fort Zancudo without a single star in the Wanted Level.

The trick is relatively easy, though you'll need a friend for this to work.

  • Start off by heading into the Marsh area right outside of Fort Zancudo
  • Have your friend kill you and then immediately start a One on One Deathmatch
  • Once this is done, players will have 5 minutes to roam around and steal vehicles from Fort Zancudo without the Warning Level rising
  • If you're not out of the base by the time the Deathmatch ends, you'll immediately get a four-star Wanted Level
  • If you want to end the Deathmatch early, just move far away from the other player, and the match will end

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