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GTA Online Cheats: Character creation guide

There's no doubt Grand Theft Auto Online has one of the more unique character creation systems. As detailed last month by Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, your character is created through "sexy" time with your character's mom and dad.

Now that GTA Online has launched (if you can actually get on the servers), we finally have a better idea as to what he meant. The video above shows the game's innovative creation system in which your character's physical attributes are traced as far back as his/her grandparents.

Basically, you'll start with the grandparents, selecting a predetermined face for both sets. This will then determine what your character's parents look like with sliders adjusting which traits are dominant. From there, your character is born and, again, you can use the sliders to determine which physical traits are dominant.

Things you can personally select are age, hairstyle, hair color, and whether or not you have a beard, hat, or sunglasses. You know, things you have control over changing in real life.

Of course, this is just your physical appearance. Your character's stats are also determined in a nonconventional way. Rather than specifically setting your stats, you are given a certain number of hours to allocate to certain activities. Depending on the activities, you will be assigned stat points.

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