GTA Online Cheats: Become completely invisible to other players

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Out of all the GTA Online tricks and glitches, this is probably one of the funniest ones. With careful timing, you can make your character become completely invisible to yourself and other players. That's right, you can become Hollow Man! Only, much cooler than Kevin Bacon's version.

However, one important thing to note is that even though other players won't be able to see you (nor will you show up on their radar), the police will still be able to see you if you have a wanted level and will gun you down, thus ending your invisible reign.

The trick itself is easy in concept, but tough in execution. You'll need another player with you in order to pull this off. The other player has to be inside of a car, and entering the Los Santos Customs shop. Right as he's entering the garage, you'll need to enter his car as it's disappearing. If timed correctly, the other player will disappear into LCS while you'll remain invisible, but completely able to move around the map, bringing terror to unsuspecting victims.

Check out this how-to video from SomeFilthyCasuals, so you can see the exact timing.

Disclaimer: This is a glitch, and is unintended by Rockstar to have players roaming around San Andreas invisible to each other. That means this might eventually get patched up by Rockstar, and some players might get penalized for performing this. Use at your own risk.

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