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Grand Theft Auto 5 is the worst game I've ever played


Grand Theft Auto 5 is the worst, piece of sh*t, most disgusting filth-laden game I've ever played. It's the source of all gun violence and it's probably going to start the third world war. Seriously, how do games like this continue to get made and have support when they do nothing but preach violence?

I can't continue to type that with a straight face, though you should be content that you've just helped me feed my children and pay my mortgage this month. 

Seriously though, it's good, and stay tuned for our review later this week.

It's Rockstar.

Rockstar is their f*cking name.


It's not like the game is going to be scored 3.5/5 stars because the bad guys don't have good reasons to be bad guys. Because bad guys need a reason to be bad, right? Money ain't enough? Because if you're bad but you have justifiable motivation for being bad, then it's okay? 

Thanks for clicking.

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