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Giveaway: Get your very own Gnoll Chieftain pet!

Gnoll Chieftain Pet

Kicking butt and taking names in Vindictus? Great! Now how about having your own personal, totally adorable, Gnoll Chieftain pet to follow you around and help you in battle?

Just make sure to head on over to Twitter and Retweet our Pet Giveaway tweet with the hashtag #GiveMeMyChieftainPetGZ and then be sure to check your PM for a code. This code will grant you an in-game box that has a chance of containing this cute little critter. We don't have unlimited of these so make sure to tweet ASAP!

These little Chieftains also have some mad skillz! Check them out right here.

Little Miner 

If there is a mining point within the sector, the pet will mine during battle.

Ore Delivery

If there is a mining item, the pet will pick it up during battle and automatically place it in your inventory.

Bite-sized Twister 

The pet will perform a Horizontal Hammer strike that deals damage to all enemies in a 50m radius.

Bite-sized Twister

The pet attacks a nearby enemy with three swift hammer strikes.

Giant Hammer

Doubles the size of the pet’s hammer, dealing extra damage to all nearby enemies within a 150m radius.

Instructions on how to redeem coupons:

  • Access the Vindictus Supply Depot through the stylized NX button in the lower right corner of the game screen. (This menu can be access at any point in the game).
  • Click on “Register Coupon” at the top of the shop page
  • Input your code and finalize the transaction by clicking “Register Coupon”
  • The item will be placed into your game inventory. Go to your NX inventory and retrieve the item.
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