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Get to know Jessica Nigri (and her hairy Hobbit feet)

Who is Jessica Nigri? What is Jessica Nigri? Why is Jessica... Nigri? When is Jessica Nigri? These are just some of the hard-hitting questions we asked the cosplay bombshell when we met up with her at this year's E3.

We spent a good 30-minutes asking Jessica questions about herself -- how she began cosplaying, life as cosplayer, her hairy legs and feet, and, of course, her boobs (because you can't NOT talk about her boobs). Side note, she's actually pretty open about them which was quite surprising. And yes, she tells us why that is.

The video above contains just the key highlights of the entire interview. There is about another 15-or-so minutes of unedited footage that if you'd like -- and are good little boys and girls -- we can post. Also, for that d*ck who asked me if I had "ever talked to a girl before" when I first interviewed Jessica Nigri, I think I improved tremendously! 

Can't get enough Jessica Nigri? You also might want to check out our interview with her from the Killer is Dead booth.

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