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Gaming's 5 best love stories

video game love

There's no better way to celebrate the magic of love on Valentine's Day than by look at examples in video games. Seriously, video games have some of the most finely crafted and intricate love stories ever told. That love is often tested, making it have even more impact on you. Here are five of the best love stories in gaming.

Bowser and Princess Peach

bowser and peach

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I feel bad for Bowser. Every time he gets his girlfriend back -- whom he treats like a princess -- some Italian guido from Jersey with a porn mustache comes and tries to steal her away. Mario seriously thinks he can win Peach's heart by force. If you're wondering why Princess Peach is always in another castle, it's because she doesn't want to be with you. Take a hint. Bowser and Peach's love is ever-enduring. No matter how many times Mario tries to impress her in his overalls, Bowser never gives up. He's a true romantic.

Cloud and Aeris

cloud aeris

Ah, the classic story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, bad guy impales girl with sword through stomach, boy defeats bad guy with a six-foot long Buster Sword, boy's insanely spiky hair stays in place the entire time. It's kind of like a Nicholas Sparks book. It's one of the saddest moments I can remember in all of my time playing video games. Cloud and Aeris' love story is both beautiful and sad.

Juliet Starling and Nick

juliet and nick

It's amazing -- if I was beheaded, my wife would never dream of lugging around my head. So why is a hot girl like Juliet Starling staying with her disembodied boyfriend's head when she can have her choice of any remaining survivor? The answer has to be love. She flat out says it in the game. Or she just feel guilty because it's her fault he got bit saving her. But would guilt keep them together at the end of the game? Nah... right?

Commander Shepard and whoever you chose to have sex with

mass effect sex

Commander Shepard can have his/her choice of any lady/guy. He/she is the ultimate ladies' man/man's lady/ladies' lady/man's man. However, through the powerful force of love, he/she ends up with the person you choose to for him/her to engage in coitus with. It's true love that pulls Shepard and one of the many characters waiting to be boned in her/her cabin. Oh, the stories that bed could tell. Good thing there's no lingering awkwardness from game to game.

Cortana and Master Chief

halo 4 master chief cortana

Halo 4 broke my heart. The bond between Cortana and Master Chief is so strong that it actually makes you care about the story in Halo 4. True, their love has no physical component, but I felt dirty after throwing the d*ck around in Mass Effect 3; I needed more of an emotional love -- one that transgresses desires of the body. They're the perfect couple -- between his inability to show any emotion and her slipping into a psychotic state, who else are they going to find love with? I mean, I guess Cortana could hook up with the AI from Flight of the Navigator... 

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