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GameZone's Game of the Year 2012 Nominations


It's that time of year. The time when we look at all the games of the year, split them up into neat categories and give them esteemed awards. That's right, it's Game of the Year time, and boy was 2012 a good one.

From blockbuster conclusions like Mass Effect 3, and Max Payne 3, to story continuations with Darksiders II, Darkness II and Borderlands 2. We were even treated to some awesome HD remakes of classics like the Metal Gear games, Jak and Daxter and Zone of the Enders. This year also gave birth to many new IPs such as Lollipop Chainsaw, Dishonored, and Journey.

The year 2012 also gave us a brand new console from Nintendo, the Wii U, and finally brought Nintendo into the world of High Definition, and with it some stellar games like Nintendo Land and ZombiU.

We want you to tell us which games deserve to be named the best of the best. So from today until December 21st, you'll have the chance to vote for each category. Starting December 24th, we'll unveil the winners of each category, ending with our Game of the Year award on Friday, the 28th.

Day 1: Design Awards

Best Story

Best HD Remake

Best New Character

Best New IP

Best Use of Atmosphere

Best Co-operative Game

Best Competitive Multiplayer

Day 2: Technical Awards

Best Original Story

Best Graphics, Technical

Best Graphics, Artistic

Best Voice Acting

Best Writing / Dialogue

Studio of the Year

Day 3: Best Genre Awards

Best MMO

Best Fighter

Best Racer

Best First Person Shooter

Best Sports Game

Best RPG

Best Action / Adventure

Best Strategy Game

Best Rhythm Game

Best Platformer

Best Puzzle Game

Best Shmup

Best Kinect Game

Day 4: Best Exclusive Game Awards

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year

Xbox 360 Game of the Year

PC Game of the Year

Wii Game of the Year

Nintendo 3DS Game of the Year

ps vita



Day 5: Game of the Year Award


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