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GameZone's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers - Apparel

GameZone's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers - Apparel

Video game apparel can be tricky to seek out -- that is, if you’re not looking for Walmart Call of Duty shirts or shirts with typical “nerd” slogans. We’ve rounded up 10 pieces of video game apparel you can feel proud about giving as gifts this holiday season, or as gifts to yourself. Because an awesome wardrobe is sometimes the greatest gift of all.

Parappa the Rapper Licensed Tee

parappa the rappa tshirt

If you’re a fan of classic rhythm games but fear you don’t look so great in a toboggan, consider this bright orange tribute to everyone’s favorite rapping dog. It’s classy, unique, and an awesome throwback reference to invite plenty of conversation. If someone recognizes what you’re repping, you’ll know you’ve made a friend for life.

[Insert Coin Clothing]

Hotline Miami Licensed Jacket


Don’t mind the fact that it looks like the model can’t button the jacket all the way. He’s probably so focused on how awesome he looks while wearing the official Hotline Miami jacket that he can’t figure out what to do next. It’s probably a common affliction. Make sure you warn anyone you purchase this gift for.

[Insert Coin Clothing]

Game Boy Dress


Ladies wishing to rep the original Game Boy will be delighted to receive a custom dress in their own size. Comfortable t-shirt fabric, long-lasting details, and the fact that everyone will think your dress looks super awesome is one good reason to ask any women on your list slyly if they want a unique and comfy dress that just happens to combine their love of retro gaming and fashion. Plus, you can order with straps, sleeves -- any way you need to.

[Etsy Seller SewOeno]

Assassin’s Creed Hoodie


Walking around fully decked out in assassin’s robes doesn’t exactly endear you to most people, we’d imagine, so give this gift to your favorite Ezio and Altair fan as a warm, low-profile way to tell others that they dig the popular Ubisoft games.

[Etsy Seller SixOn Clothing]

Mass Effect N7 Wet Look Leggings


Leggings are versatile and comfy, so buy the lucky ladies on your list a pair of N7 leggings to lounge around in while they traverse the Normandy and universe as their custom Shepard. Personally, I prefer default Shepard, but it’s whatever gets me these leggings too. You might want to end up buying two pairs.

[BlackMilk Clothing]

Mask Collector Shirt


For the discerning Zelda fan on your list, pick up this shirt that collects a menagerie of masks in an attractive colorful format. It’s not too gaudy or in your face, and  the masks themselves are arranged in an interesting manner -- see Majora’s Mask at the top right, which isn’t prominently displayed. It’s not often you see them all laid out like this, so that’s why we’re intrigued with this one.




Any Earthbound or retro game fans on your list will appreciate this simple yet  statement-making tee. To the uninformed, it’ll look just like a  yellow and blue striped shirt, but to fellow Earthbound/Mother fans it’s a shining nod to a classic game.


Asteroids Shirt


Ah, vector graphics. They’ve never looked so good on a shirt. We’re willing to bet any lucky gamer on your list would be proud to rock such a retro game as well. And pfft, kids -- they’ve probably never even heard of it, making it much cooler to walk around in in public.

[Etsy Seller vortextradingcompany]

Mega Drive Hoodie


Know someone who’s all about collecting classic memorabilia? This hoodie will keep them warm as well as infatuated with their favorite consoles of yesteryear. You might say it does what Nintendon’t. Okay, that was bad.


Nintendo Skirt


What can we say about this skirt other than it'll catch the eye of any gamer you pass on the street? Give the ladies in your life a fashionable excuse to rock some unabashed Nintendo love. What reason do you really need to rock a skirt like this anyway?

[Etsy Seller GoFollowRabbits]

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GameZone's 2013 holiday gift guide for gamers

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