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GameZone's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Apparel

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All of geekdom would love to have these clothing items.  Stemming from actual games or gaming culture, this apparel would make a great addition to every gamer's wardrobe. From shirts to ties to accessories, here are some of the coolest apparel you can get this holiday season.

BioWare N7 Ambassador Watch - $150 deposit, $475 Total

N7 Mass Effect watch

Here's the first official Mass Effect Watch. For all you N7 supporters, you can reserve your copy now for $150, and then pay the difference of $325 when the watch becomes available. It has an estimated ship date of mid/late December 2012. It has a carbon fiber face, 100M water resistant, date dsiplay, is composed of NASA grade steel, and each one has a laser etched backcase individually numbered, with NY and Mass Effect logos.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Welcome to Nuketown" t-shirt - $21.99-22.99

call of duty: black ops 2 t-shirt

From Jinx.com, Call of Duty: Black Ops II players would love to show off a mushroom cloud. With the words "Welcome to Nuketown, Population 0" displayed across their chest, noobs will know what's up.

Halo 4 Scattershot T-shirt - $18

scattershot t-shirt halo 4

It's been said that when you use the Scattershot your enemies won't know what hit them. Literally. Once ammo starts ricocheting off floors and walls, they'll have no idea where it's coming from! If the Scattershot is good enough for Master Chief, it's perfect for Halo 4 fans.

Boba Fett Hoodie or Chewbacco Hoodie - $69.99

boba fett and chewbacca hoodies

From Thinkgeek.com, what better way to celebrate Disney buying Star Wars (and thus making Episodes 7 through 9) than by sporting hoodies of two iconic Star Wars characters. This officially licensed Star Wars apparel won't protect you from blaster fire, but it will keep the cold weather from bothering you. Whether you want to be Han's faithful sidekick or the bounty hunter tracking Han down, the Force is strong with these hoodies.

Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe - $79.99 and R2D2 Bathrobe - $69.99

star wars bathrobes

Maybe you're not the hoodie type. That's fine. Thinkgeek.com has Star Wars bathrobes for you. They're warm and soft and let you relax in style. (Waves hand) You will buy these bathrobes...

8-Bit Hair Bow - $9.99

8-bit hair bow

For the ladies --  and some of the guys out there with long hair -- you can have a hair bow that gives yiou a retro 8-bit pixelated look. Mrs. Pacman isn't the only one allowed to look good in 8-bit graphics.

Avengers 'Iron Man' Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band - $199.99

iron man power band replica

Yes, I know it's expensive, but hear me out... Tony Stark wears it. This is exactly like the Power Bands seen in The Avengers, worn by Tony Stark. It's limited edition (a fully licensed Marvel collectible), and is made of Titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and other materials that I have no idea what they are. Buy one of these bad boys, and you too can look like a "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist."

Assassin's Creed III Hoodie - £50.00

assassin's creed 3 hoodie

When you're battling Templars in the New World, you want to look the part with pure Assassin style. With iconic detailing inspired by Native American hero Ratonhnhaké:ton, this highly detailed, hand-finished and exclusive design is made for modern day assassins. Become a part of videogame history with this unique official hoodie.

Big Bang Theory Knee-high Socks - $9.99

big bang theory socks

You can choose from Argyle Bazinga!, Soft Kitty Stripes, and Bazinga! Caped Socks. Perfect for fans of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, and knock, knock, knock Penny; knock, knock, knock Penny; knock, knock, knock Penny.

The Bag of Holding - $49.99-59.99

bag of holding thinkgeek

My wife got me this for Christmas last year, and since then, I've used it every day. Designed by ThinkGeek, it holds literally everything. It can fit a 17" laptop, and has multiple interior compartments. I've fit so much in this bag that I thought it was magic.

T-shirt Sites

There's a bunch of t-shirt sites that I visit daily; these sites have a new t-shirt every day on sale for $10-12. So leading up to the holidays, make sure you check out these sites every day. You might just find the perfect shirt for a great price!

Some other great t-shirt/accessory sites are:

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