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GameStop really, really wants your new consoles because you’re still buying them

GameStop really, really wants your new consoles because you’re still buying them

As of the time of this writing, GameStop is giving you a lot of money for your brand new next-gen console. Or is it technically a current gen console by now?

Either way, if you’re unhappy with your Xbox One or PS4 and want to switch your allegiance, GameStop is making it very affordable to do so. Intrigued by the incredibly high trade-in values (seriously, $344.50 for a PS4 is absolutely insane), I did some asking around. Every GameStop manager said the same thing: supply and demand. Until last night’s NPD sales numbers came out, we weren’t quite sure just how high that demand was.

We do now.

Despite the large up-tick of Xbox One Sales, coming in at 258,000 units for the month of February, the PS4 still outsold its competitor, coming in at approximately 290,000 units. This means that both consoles saw an increase of sales over Janurary. All of this is coming before both consoles get key exclusives: Titanfall for the Xbox One and Infamous: Second Son for the PS4. I’d bet my bottom dollar that those numbers continue to be impressive.

It’s no wonder why GameStop is making the prospect of trading in your console so attractive: they’re still flying off the shelves three months after release. That demand is, theoretically, going to continue to skyrocket as we see big name games get released and future titles announced. The launch window may be closing, but the buzz is just beginning.

Within the next two to three months, we’ll see the following games released:

-          Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

-          Watch Dogs (presumably, anyway, unless it gets delayed AGAIN)

-          Elder Scrolls Online (not everyone that got caught up in the Skyrim hysteria can run this on PC)

-          Murdered: Soul Suspect

You could also make the argument for a handful of other games that will see release in the same window. The point being is that for those that are on the fence about new consoles because there aren’t any games available yet are seeing their argument grow weaker by the day. We’ve been waiting for this moment since last year, the moment when the future of gaming would arrive.

As Wayne Szalinski once said, the future is now. 

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