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Game of the Month: July - StarCraft II


July had its up and downs, but when the month came to a close, it was apparent that PC gaming has received the kick in the behind that it needed to get the industry buzzing again about the platform. That adrenaline shot was StarCraft II, and, boy, does it have gamers and the media talking.

On the flip side, another title – this time portable – caught the eye of role-playing fans worldwide. Nintendo and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX has already sold more than 4 million units in Japan and is now making its stand here in the U.S. on the ever-popular Nintendo DS.

Both titles, giant franchises nonetheless, have made their mark for Game of the Month of July. Which one wins out and takes home the crown?

Game of the Month: StarCraft II Whether it is tying the hands of the gamers and forcing them to use Battle.net rather than Valve’s popular Steam or the competitive multiplayer scene, StarCraft II is a title of beauty. Activision Blizzard put out a title that is the true remedy for the PC gaming blues that fanatics have been experiencing as of late as publishers and developers put more emphasis on consoles (i.e. Crytek with Crysis 2, EA DICE with the Battlefield series).

StarCraft II should do wonders for the revitalization of real-time strategy genre. One can only hope that it creates a mass hysteria for development of titles such as Street Fighter IV did for the fighting genre.

Excerpt from our full review: "While the core mechanics are the same as the first game, it’s still an absolute blast and one of the best RTS games to hit in a good, long while. ” – Steven Hopper

Runner-up of the Month: Dragon Quest IX Light-hearted and full of charm, Dragon Quest’s approach to the role-playing genre is one of a kind. There are titles that try to mimic its classic and capricious style, but they often fall into the category of copycats and are never capable of standing out from the bunch.

Leave it to Square Enix, in partnership with Nintendo, to bring forth the answer to all the woes that gamers have had as of late with darker and more serious role-playing games (Final Fantasy, Persona, Lost Odyssey, etc.). Dragon Quest IX is the exact opposite with its light affairs and wit. It’s may not be the cure, but it sure is the substance to get gamers by; especially that it’s now portable and can tag along with its owners anywhere they go.

Excerpt from our full review: “To top things off, DQIX is the first handheld RPG that attempts to fully merge the worlds of single and multiplayer gaming.” - Louis Bedigian.

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