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Game Guide: Tips to get the most out of Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3 came out today, and that means you can unleash chaos unto a tropical island paradise. Hey, we loved it, so that counts for something right? There is a ton to do in Far Cry 3, that it could get a bit overwhelming at first. Whether you're going to want to tackle story quests, take over outposts, hunt animals or just uncover the map by climbing radio towers, we'll give you the scoop on how to get the most out of your early game time, to succeed later in the game.

It is important to note that there is no right or wrong way to play Far Cry 3. Being a true sandbox game, you can tackle anything you want in any order. However, there are certain progressions and unlocks that are available to you after certain objectives are met.

Explore and climb radio towers

towerWhile this one might seem like a no brainer, it is one of the more important things to do in the initial parts of the game. There are also no levels of enemies to speak of, so you can literally venture across the entire island without worrying that you'll get one-shotted by certain enemies.

Aside from uncovering key locations as well as hunting spots, climbing radio towers unlocks various weapons in the shop that you can pick up for a fee of 0$. That's right, all those sweet guns that you have been drooling over and couldn't buy because they were too expensive, will progressively become free, meaning all you'll need to spend money on are attachments.

Be a silent assassin

Granted, this isn't Hitman or Splinter Cell, but stealth is actually one of the more important factors in Far Cry 3. Not only does it make disposing of enemies easier (especially since they like to call back up), but you get a significant boost in experience when taking over an enemy outpost completely hidden. Crouching and using bushes and trees and hiding places will be your best bet at staying out of sight.


The key to this is obviously staying away from weapons like shotguns and LMGs, and focusing instead on handguns, SMGs and sniper rifles that all have a suppressor attachment. Since most of these guns won't become free until you've liberated a certain amount of radio towers, you'll be relying on your trusty knife to get the most out of taking out your enemies unseen.

The knife is actually amazing. Not only is it the quietest weapon (obviously), it has an amazing range when performing stealth kills. You can be five to ten feet behind an enemy when the Takedown prompt appears, which means you never really have to get that close and risk being seen. It's also handy to note you don't have to be behind your enemy to get a Takedown kill. Even if you're hiding in a bush and the enemy walks toward you, when they get within the Takedown range, they can be swiftly taken care of, and then dragged into the bushes.

Systematically take over outposts

I've mentioned that taking over outposts silently is the key to survival and also a lot of bonus XP. Outposts also allow you to access weapon vendors, extra side quests and most importantly, fast travel. While it's fun to run or drive around the beautiful island, when you just want to get down to business, fast travel is the way to go.

far cryThere is a checklist of sorts that you should be going over when taking over an outpost. First and foremost, take out your camera and mark every single enemy that you see. This will let you know which enemies can be taken out without alerting others. If you see a cage with an animal in it, use it to your advantage. If it's a vicious predator like a tiger or a leopard, chances are it's going to take out a bunch of enemies for you. Just shoot the cage door and watch the chaos ensue.

Once the cage sequence is over, or there is no cage, it's either time to snipe enemies from afar. If you don't have access to a sniper rifle yet, then it's important to check the location of the alarm, and disable it. It's not always necessary to do, but it's good to be prepared just in case things get a little messy.

far cryThen it's time to get in there with your trusty knife. The key to successful knife kills is throwing stones to distract your enemies. You have unlimited stones so don't worry about wasting them. Throwing a stone will make a soldier go investigate that location, which means you can throw multiple stones in succession (while hidden of course) to isolate them and then take them out.

Later in the game, you'll have access to multiple takedowns, such as vertical takedowns from the top, slashing an enemy and then throwing his knife to kill another, killing an enemy then pulling the pin on his grenade and pushing him into another enemy, etc. These will make taking care of enemies not only more fun, but much easier as well.

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