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Flash Game of the Week: Exit Path


There is something about intensely hard games that make people want to keep pushing themselves just one more level and get that satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Exit Path is one of those games that doesn't start off easy and gets harder; it starts hard and gets even harder. Much like the immensely popular Super Meat Boy, you play a runner who is trying to escape a very industrial and dark testing facility that's filled with hazards that are just waiting to rip you into pieces. The game definitely puts off a slight Portal vibe with the testing facility trying to keep its test subjects within its confines, but has definitely more in common with the aforementioned Meat Boy. Every death will respawn (or rewind) you back at the start of each level or checkpoint, letting you tackle those difficult challenges over and over again until you get them right.

Fans of Super Meat Boy should give this game a try as it is definitely a worthy alternative.

Play the game HERE

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