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Five weird but (mostly) funny Saints Row: The Third glitches


We all know The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has some truly memorable glitches, and while plenty of these have sadly been patched, we'll never forget backwards-flying dragons. But Skyrim isn't the only game with interesting glitches. There's another stellar release that really managed to impress gamers while having a few quirky bugs of its own. Saints Row: The Third was one of the best games of 2011, but it wasn't without its technical hitches. While I stumbled upon a few bumps along the road during my first playthrough, it wasn't until my second run, this time in online co-op, that I found a few glitches that really had me cracking up.

Note: No cheats were used during this Co-Op Campaign run.

Good ni-- Wait, good morning?

The day / night cycle in Saints Row: The Third has come under some scrutiny. For starters, there doesn't actually seem to be a real cycle. Instead, the game's world goes from day to night after you clear a mission or activity, or when you load your game. While a day / night cycle would have been cool, I think I experienced the closest thing to that during my second playthrough of the game. I had just finished clearing a mission with my co-op partner, and we appeared on the sunny streets of Steelport. Of course, the sun was only shining for about a second, because it quickly became nighttime.

Now, this may just be a technical hitch where the game loaded the nighttime scenery just a tad after we had cleared the mission, but it had never happened before, and it never happened again. I'm just glad that I was able to see both day and night without having to actually load my game, if only for just that split second.

saints row the third day night cycle

Steelport never sleeps, even if daytime only lasts one second.

Get in the car, Pierce!

The AI in Saints Row: The Third is anything but flawless. That said, I don't think any instance of AI homie stupidity was more hilariously frustrating than that which I encountered during the Three Way mission. My co-op partner and I had just cleared the first enemy-laden area with the help of Pierce and Oleg, and we were ready to roll--except for Pierce. Despite being right next to our truck, Pierce just wouldn't budge, and instead took out another enemy. I drove a short distance away from him to see if that would cause him to run to the truck, but instead, he hijacked a car of his own and drove about three feet (in-game) toward us. Then he got out and did nothing. Oh, Pierce.

saints row the third pierce

Pierce will get in your car when he wants to.

The invisible non-moving helicopter

Skyrim, Saints Row: The Third sees your invisible dragon (not literally, obviously) and raises you ... an invisible, non-moving helicopter. The weird thing about this glitch is the whole non-moving thing. After failing the mission A Remote Chance once, my co-op partner and I were spawned back into the skies of Steelport. Instead of sitting within the confines of a helicopter, however, we were simply floating in the sky. Invisible vehicles are to be expected, right? But why the heck couldn't we move? Our characters were engaging in conversation, but that was it. I'll never understand this glitch, but I have to admit, it was cool floating that high above the city of Steelport.

saints row the third helicopter

Pictured above: A highly visible helicopter.

The invisible woman

I can't imagine playing Saints Row: The Third as anything but a female character with ridiculously large ... well, you know. Since any respectful lady likes to look good, I made sure to constantly purchase new outfits for my character. While my co-op partner was handling some business near a Planet Saints, I took the time to buy some new threads for my character. Upon doing so, she was cloaked in invisibility. I couldn't tell, as I witnessed her sporting her new clothes, but my buddy was quick to tell me that he couldn't see her. I grappled some innocent civilians, and he did see the animations for the moves my character was performing, but she was completely invisible. I was actually a big fan of this glitch.

saints row the third

I'm assuming my character is in here somewhere.

Hey, Come Back with My Car!

As much as I like being an invisible woman (hmm ...), no bug had me laughing quite like this one. I called up a homie for vehicle delivery, and my co-op partner and I were ready to roll. My partner got in the Bear I called for while I was stuck outside. I chased after the moving vehicle and told my buddy to slow down. That's when he told me he wasn't driving. That's right--the punk who delivered the vehicle was at the wheel. Even after my partner in crime bailed from the vehicle, the homie driving the Bear just took off.

I never did find out what happened to that vehicle. I'll tell you this much, though: No one betrays the Saints, hijacks a vehicle from them, and lives long to tell about it. Or maybe they do. I don't know.

saints row the third bear

This stolen Bear was stolen from the rightful criminal who stole it first.

While Saints Row: The Third may not have bugs as grand and charming as Skyrim, it's host to plenty of delightful little glitches. The rapid day / night scenario I encountered may be nothing more than slow loading on the game's part, and Pierce's stupidity may be the result of questionable AI, but an invisible helicopter and an invisible woman are all kinds of awesome. And that car thief who took my Bear, well, that was a total riot. Seriously, though, if you see my Bear, don't hesitate to notify me.

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