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Five ways to make the PS Vita suck less

Kazuo Hirai has been talking some big game ever since his career switch from head of the PlayStation brand to CEO of Sony proper. Of course, his big talk doesn't make up for the fact that the former electronics giant is in major trouble, steadily declining revenues resulting in a $6.4 billion dollar loss last year. Not surprisingly, Kaz is looking to the PlayStation brand as a major element of Sony's future success, with the recently released PS Vita handheld a major pillar of that strategy. Thing is, though the PS Vita has already sold around 1.8 million units, Kaz's projection of 10 million units by year's end is a definite pipe dream, especially when you consider that even Nintendo sold just 4.5 million units of the arguably more popular 3DS system in their first year.

Still, the PS Vita is a damn sexy device, and with some smart planning Sony could make their portable a major contender. Unfortunately, they've still got some kinks that need to be worked out before they can truly start unloading these beauties. So Sony, here are my top five pieces of advice for making your PS Vita into a true success story.

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