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Five Square Enix games that deserve a re-release alongside Final Fantasy VII

July 4th was a day of celebration for many, between the numerous cookouts, the Firework displays and the get-togethers with family and friends to celebrate our independence.  But it was also a great day for Square Enix fans, as the company confirmed that its long-standing role-playing classic Final Fantasy VII was being re-released for PC…news that fans felt was worth celebrating.

So, with that, we have to ask the question…are there any more Square Enix games that deserve a re-release?  Absolutely.  With role-playing games doing big business these days – and less money going into a reissue than an all-new multi-million dollar project – it just makes sense, right?  And seeing as how Kingdom Hearts is getting a possible second chance in HD format soon (we’re still waiting for confirmation), this could just be the beginning.

Here now is a list of titles we’d love to see re-released, either for PC or console.  C’mon, Square…don’t leave us hanging!

Rad Racer


Originally released for the NES back in 1987, Rad Racer showed that Square could do much more than just RPG’s.  For an 8-bit driving game, it proved to be one of the better releases for the console.  With that in mind, what’s stopping Square from trying it again, or at least re-releasing the 8-bit classic for a new audience to enjoy?  Just an idea…and it’d be just about right for ten bucks.

Secret of Mana


Seeing as how Chrono Trigger was able to get a re-release – first in a Final Fantasy compilation for PlayStation, then in digital form on PSN through the PlayStation 3 – why shouldn’t Secret of Mana get a turn?  Yes, it’s out for the Wii Virtual Console service, but we’d kill to see a great high-definition version for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, complete with three-player multiplayer – just like the original version had – and a reworked soundtrack.  Secret of Evermore probably wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Tobal No. 1


No, Tobal No. 1 didn’t do as good for business as, say, Street Fighter did for Capcom.  But it, along with the Bushido Blade games, did demonstrate that Square Enix could do something with fighting games.  So, with that, why not bring back both Tobal games and put them together in an HD package for PlayStation Network, complete with online play and customizable dungeons?  Hey, if Mortal Kombat can be reborn, so can Tobal…um, right?



The PlayStation era brought many excellent shooting games into perspective, and among them was Square’s take on the genre, the brilliant Einhander.  Featuring a number of cool power-ups, multi-screen bosses that took a lot of damage, and a soundtrack that stood right up there with some of Square’s best RPG work, it’s a classic that definitely deserves a second chance.  We know it’s in the Japanese PlayStation Network store, so why isn’t it out in ours?  That’s a fair question…

Brave Fencer Musashi


Quirky?  Oh, you bet.  But this 3D action/adventure was also something special, a worthwhile game with plenty of slicing and dicing, coupled with beautiful backgrounds and unique enemy battles.  Plus, the hero himself almost looks like something pulled out of the Final Fantasy universe, even with his multitude of swords.  Musashi is in dire need of a comeback.

What Square games do you think need to return?

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