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Five reasons to give the PS Vita a second chance

The PlayStation Vita is a hard sell at this point in time. While it's certainly not a lost cause, it would be impossible to really go up to someone and say, "Hey, do you have a Vita? Oh, you don't? Dude, you are so missing out!" The fact of the matter is that the Vita is in a place very similar to where the Nintendo 3DS was during its post-launch infancy. It's an ugly place, but one with a bright future and the potential to deliver an outstanding handheld platform for gamers. So why exactly would anyone want to give the Vita a second chance? Here are five reasons.

The Vita will have good games

It took a while, but the 3DS eventually went from having a ridiculously mediocre selection of games to a slowly growing library of solid titles. The same will happen for the Vita, and while Sony hasn't done much to sway gamers in favor of the device, it's likely that we'll be seeing some big reveals for the platform soon. With its lengthy list of exclusive IPs, Sony can easily deliver anything from God of War to Sly Cooper on the Vita.

We can't forget about third-party devs, either. Plenty of game companies were stoked about the Vita prior to launch, and these studios are always looking for new technology to challenge themselves and give gamers unique experiences. The Vita is a powerful device with some cool features, so you just know developers want to figure out ways to make compelling games that provide outside-the-box gameplay for individuals who want something a little different.

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