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Five comic books that deserve their own video game


When Batman: Arkham Asylum launched, it proved that a comic book could be turned into a successful video game franchise. Arkham City emphasized that, and it signaled toward what is hopefully the beginning of more ambitious comic book-to-video game adaptations, as opposed to cheap licensed cash-ins. Rumors surfaced that developer Rocksteady Studios was going to work on a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, but those rumors were quickly shot down when it was revealed that Activision may be the company bringing back the turtles in a half shell back.

The idea of a new Ninja Turtles game is great, even if Activision isn't the company we want behind it. What other comic book series should make a splash in the video game world?

5. Hellboy (Dark Horse)


OK, so we've already gotten a Hellboy video game this console generation, but that title didn't do the series justice. It told its story quite poorly, offered boring puzzles, and was bad enough to make fans of the comic book throw their controllers at the TV in a fit of rage. Hellboy is an excellent comic book franchise, and it needs to be handled with care. Hell, it needs to be handled with love! Any other way would result in disaster for this beloved and wonderful comic book series.

From a gameplay standpoint, a Hellboy game would have to be rife with action. Big, intimidating enemies and dungeon-like level design would have to be employed to create a proper video game world for Hellboy. Additionally, the art would have to be stylish like that of the comic book. There really would be no other option than cel-shaded visuals. If the right team was behind it, a Hellboy video game could be something fans of the series look forward to.

4. All-Star Western (DC)

all-star western

Since launching as part of The New 52 line, All-Star Western has delivered a consistently impressive, thoroughly gritty tale set in Gotham City. The series combines great Wild West gunslinging with enjoyably dark mystery, and it features a great narrative and awesome art to boot. We don't get too many video games set in the American Old West, and that's probably a good thing, because it allows the storytelling format to stay fresh. If ever there was a time to bring the Wild West back to video games, this would be it, and All-Star Western would be the perfect comic book to do so with.

3. Daredevil Noir (Marvel)

daredevil noir

Every so often, Marvel experiments with new ideas for its existing series. The MAX imprint is the most recent example of this, offering a more adult line of comics for fans to sink their teeth into. Marvel Noir was a pretty cool project that tried some new things with different characters, placing them in darker alternate universes set in the 1920s, 1930s, and so on. Daredevil Noir was quite possibly the most enjoyable read in the Noir line, and if Marvel ever decided to bring the hero back to video games, this would be the perfect avenue for him.

Daredevil Noir offered dark storytelling, interesting characters worth giving a damn about, an intriguing touch of romance, and outstanding mystery elements. The comic book has all the makings of an excellent adventure game akin to L.A. Noire, and if a suitable developer could mix in a bit more action and make the game a bit more fast-paced than Rockstar Games and Team Bondi's fine title, it would make for a true Marvel fan's video game dream.

2. Catwoman (DC)


After checking out the Catwoman relaunch for The New 52 — which has erroneously been considered "too slutty" — we think DC's feline fatale really deserves her own game. With a proper tale that blurs the line between heroine and villainess, Catwoman would make for a truly enjoyable title set in Gotham. Hey, Rocksteady, since you're not working on Ninja Turtles, why not make this happen? And if you do, throw in a moment of sexual tension between Catwoman and Batman, followed by the female cat burglar giving Bats a swift kick in the face before she continues her adventure.

1. Deadpool (Marvel)


If ever there was a comic book character who deserves his own video game, it's Deadpool. Always ready for action, the Merc with a Mouth would be a great shoot 'em up star. Whether it's a side-scrolling action game or a 3D shooter, Marvel should definitely bring Deadpool to video games. Oh, and just like Hellboy, keep it cel-shaded. Deadpool is a colorful character, and he deserves to be put in a colorful video game universe.

The comical mercenary likes to talk to himself, to the readers, and even to the folks writing and drawing his comic books. He acknowledges the fact that he's part of a literary universe, and it would be excellent to bring that type of storytelling format to a video game. With the right developer and a ton of influence from Deadpool's writers, a video game starring the world's most awesome mercenary could be equal parts hilarious and action-packed.

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