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Fire Emblem Fates localization facts

DmC debates version 2.0

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It's not about perving on girls.

Loyalty Intensifies

People who hate on the Fire Emblem Fates localization have a wide variety of reasons to do so. Sure some of them are perverted, and it's their right to be if that's what they want. There's #roomforeveryone, right?

Many, though, feel that the reliance on memes for dialogue, or making up dialogue that neither has a basis in the original script nor fits the character as they were intended to be portrayed in the original game, cheapens the experience. The localization team literally used jokes in place of the original character dialogue

These customers want the same product the Japanese audience received. They made an exchange of legal currency just the same as Japanese customers, and were not told the localization adjustments would go so far as to outright change characters, and elements of their stories, prior to their purchase. These people have a right to be angered by the product they received. It is literally not what they wanted or paid to experience. They have a valid points, and are justified in their complaints. There is no reason to some of the glaring changes the localization team made.

With all of this said, I look forward to putting this localization fiasco behind me for now…

Bravely Second, Not Again...



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