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Fire Emblem Fates localization facts

DmC debates version 2.0

Fire Emblem Fates localization facts

To understand the frustrations people feel about Nintendo's shitty localization practices of late, let me take you back to another situation that's similar in some ways:

Do you remember when DmC: Devil May Cry came out? If you enjoyed it fine, it was a functional action game, but there were several major, factual downgrades from other games in the series: 30 fps, color-coded enemies, no lock-on, and Devil Trigger cast all enemies into the air. Ninja Theory altered the formula, but didn't understand what they were messing with.

What made the whole ordeal particularly annoying was the change of art direction, because art is subjective. Whenever you tried to explain to someone why DmC was a downgrade, they would brush off everything you had to say because “you really just didn't like New Dante.” It was hair tearing levels of frustrating, and now its repeating itself.

As bad as the localization changes to Fire Emblem Fates and Bravely Second are, people will blindly defend them and claim you're just a pervert that wanted the questionable content.

Instead of arguing with those types of people, just link them to the following page, which consists purely of fact, with no spin. Maybe they'll finally see there's more to these changes than just questionable content.

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