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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Defeating Deadeye the Behemoth

The only thing standing in between you and a giant chicken

At the beginning of chapter 3, the first main mission you can tackle has you visiting Gladioulus' sister Iris. However, your pal Prompto wishes to make an excursion to the Wiz Chocobo Post beforehand. You can ignore his request, but we recommend you take him up on the offer as having a Chocobo comes in handy during the course of the game.

When you get to the Post, you're told you're unable to rent Chocobo because they're frightened of the behemoth Deadeye. The monster gets its name from the fact that it is completely blind in its right eye, so when you have to follow it back to its lair keep that in mind. Also, constantly check the mini map. It marks where the boulders are placed which are hard to see in the fog, so try and figure out based on how Deadeye moves which rock to hide behind. When you finally face the behemoth, use fire blasts to blow up oil drums to deal massive damage, and go for the creatures legs with the heavy weapon. Warp striking between Deadeye and the metal towers is also recommended. Once you defeat the creature, you'll head back to Wix Chocobo Post and can start renting those giant chickens for rides!

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