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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Completing Malmalam Thicket

Reaching the Tomb of the Pious

On your way to Cape Caem, you’ll have the option of stopping off at Malmalam Thicket. This is the location of the Tomb of Pious, so it’s definitely worth trying to conquer. You’ll be introduced to a bunch of new monsters such as Mandrakes which are susceptible to swords, guns and fire, Soldier Wasps and Shieldhears which do not like polearms or ice spells. If the area feels like it’s kicking your butt too much, fortunately, there is a camp square in the middle to rest and recuperate. 

The final enemy between you and the Tomb is the gigantic Bandersnatch. Weak to polearms, machinery, and thunder attacks, the easiest way to take down this monster is by striking its tail and legs. And if you feel like making quick work of it, you can always summon the powerful Ramuh.

Here is a complete list of all items in Malmalam Thicket:

  • Thunderbolt 
  • Pendulum
  • Star Pendent
  • Moon Pendent 

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