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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Completing Greyshire Glacier Grotto

How to find all hidden items and defeat the deadly Mindflays

Toward the end of chapter 3, Noctis is notified about the Tomb of the Wanderer hidden in a cave behind a waterfall in the region of Duscae. The entrance to the waterfall is relatively easy to access, but beware as sitting almost directly outside it is a giant king cobra known as a Midgardsormr. This creature hovers around level 50, so unless you’ve been grinding through side quests and monster hunts we advise you stay as far away as possible. 

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Once inside the dungeon, there are going to be large portions where the ice causes you to slide down, having Noctis zoom right past explorable areas. It seems you can reach any part of the dungeon from any other part, so don’t worry too much if this happens to you. But if you’re looking to move through this dungeon finding all the items efficiently, I have two pieces of advice: watch your footing and stick to the sides. Most of these slides can be avoided if you move slowly, but sometimes when in battle an enemy or even teammate can knock you onto one. If this happens, remain to the far right or left, as sometimes there are ledges you can catch on to. 

The enemies in this dungeon are made up of mostly of Imps, which are essentially Goblins which can fly. At key points in the dungeon, Arachne are also prone to drop from the ceiling, so make sure you are stocked up on fire blasts. In some of the hidden areas where the really good items are Ronin serve as protectors. Daggers and lances will be your optimal tools against them, but lightning bolts will be your best friend in those fights. Don’t use up all your lightning, though!

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