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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Completing Fociaugh Hollow

How to reach the third runestone

In order to acquire the Summons ability, Noctis must find three runestones across Duscae. The last of those runestones can be found in Fociaugh Hollow. Much like other dungeons, this one is swarming with Imps and a new enemy type you may not have come across: Thunder Bombs. Bombs are creatures in the game comprised of one of the three basic elements: fire, ice, and lightning. If you cast a lightning spell it’ll actually increase the Thunder Bomb’s vitality rather than disabling it so keep that in mind. Thunder Bombs also like to suicidally explode causing massive damage, so if it looks like one is just floating there get the hell away from it.

This’ll be a pain later when you come across a Mindflay that’s teamed up with some Thunder Bombs, as Mindflays are weak to lightning. The Thunder Bombs can be drawn out, however, whereas the Mindflay will mainly just wait for you to come to it. Once it’s on its own, take it out with polearms, daggers, and lightning. You’ll find they’re much easier to kill than they were in Greyshire Glacier Grotto. You’ll also come across Hobgoblins, which are relatively easy to take out with a broadsword.

The final boss in this dungeon is Naga, a giant serpent with a ghastly women’s head on top. She’ll actually ask you a question before the fight, but no matter your response, the fight will happen all the same. She’s weak to broadswords, daggers, and ice spells so you have a nice selection of tools to fight with. In return, she will bury underground and strike from below, as well as cover you in a mist that will turn you into a frog for a temporary amount of time. She’s relatively easy to deal with, however, she will explode causing a deadly concussive wave when she perishes. If you don’t have a Phoenix Down, this last attack will kill you and if you didn’t manually save, you’ll have to start the whole dungeon over again. If you can keep your distance once she’s down to 0 HP, head to the runestone and learn how to summon.

Here is a complete list of items in the dungeon: 

  • Rusted Bit x2
  • Ancient Dragon Tooth x2
  • Fossil Shell
  • Fossil Wood x3
  • Oracle Ascension Coin
  • Allural Shallots
  • Magic Flask
  • Ammonite Fossil
  • Titanium Bangle
  • Blue Choker
  • Debased Banknote

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