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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Walkthrough Guide | Updated!

Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2 has finally arrived on western shores, this much anticipated RPG blockbuster a treat for 360 and PS3 gamers alike. Thankfully GameZone is here to provide you with this full video walkthrough guide, helping you navigate the perilous dungeons, take on the game's challenging boss battles, and make sure you find all the game's secret items and other goodies!
We'll be updating this walkthrough daily, so bookmark the page! Don't forget to comment!
(Final Fantasy XIII-2 features a branching time-travel narrative, and different players will experience the game's events in a different order. Though the videos below are presented in the order by which we cleared the game, don't be afraid to try your own path!)


New Bodham (003 AF)

Bodham Ruins (005 AF)

Yaschas Massif (010AF)

Oerba (200AF)

Sunleth Waterscape (300AF)

Yaschas Massif (01XAF)

Augusta Tower (300AF)

Coliseum (???AF)

Archylte Steppe (???AF) 

Sunleth Waterscape (300AF)

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