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FFXIII-2 Fragment / Secret Monster / Wild Artefact Guide


Final Fantasy XIII-2 offers 160 Fragments of Time, along with a handful of secret monsters and hard to find Wild Artefacts. These items only obtained through special sidequests, boss battles and other secret events. Luckily, we've put together this video guide to help you hunt down those hard to find secrets!

New Bodhum (003AF)

1. Gogmagog Fragment Alpha [Gogamog Alpha boss guide]
2. Gogmagog Fragment Beta [Gogamog Beta boss guide]
3. Heart Fragment [Find the medkit sidequest]
4. Graviton Core Alpha

New Bodhum (700AF)

5. Cartesian Board
8. Noel's Message
9. Serah's Message

Bresha Ruins  (005AF)

14. Delicate Crystal [Tile Trial puzzle guide]
15. Ghast Fragment [Defeat the Cie'th sidequest]
16. Atlas Fragment [Atlas boss guide]
17. Unio Mystica [Retrieve the two capsules sidequest]
21. Graviton Core Beta
WA. Wild Artefact #1

Bresha Ruins  (100AF)

23. Ruthenium Ring [Pacity the mercenary sidequest]
24. Rhodium Ring [Retrieve the device sidequest]
25. Palladium Ring [Find the materials sidequest]
26. Osmium Ring [Find the missing assistant sidequest]

Bresha Ruins  (300AF)

30. Platinum Ring [Retrieve the recording device sidequest]
31. Mythril Ring [Talk to the commander sidequest]

Yaschas Massif (010AF)

32. Aloeidai Fragment [Aloedai boss guide]
34. Misery's Bead [Obtain a behemoth fang sidequest]

Yaschas Massif (01XAF)

39. Sword of Lachesis [Find the fruit of fenrir sidequest]
40. Mirror of Atropos [Find the three fallen stars sidequest]

Yaschas Massif (100AF)

41. Schwertleite's Flower
42. Helmwige's Nightshade
43. Siegrune's Spiritbloom
44. Roseweiss Skyblossom
45. Book of Shambala
46. Book of Valhalla
47. Graviton Core Epsilon

Yaschas Massif (110AF)

49. Ugallu Fragment         
50. Waltraute's Flower
51. Gerhilde's Blossom
52. Ortlinde's Bloom
53. Book of Avalon

Oerba (200AF)

54. Time's Stardust
55. Time's Shell
56. Time's Coral
57. Giant Egg
58. Graviton Core Gamma
WA. Wild Artefact #4

Oerba (300AF)

60. Sparkling Runestone
61. Astonishing Limestone
64. Bubbly Stone

Oerba (400AF)

68. Bittersweet Chiffon
69. Tremulous Muffin
70. Beloved Cinnamon
71. Selfish Pancake
72. Farewell Madeline
74. Dishonest Mille-feuille
75. Pink Parfait
76. Graviton Core Zeta

Sunleth Waterscape (300AF)

78. Mutantomato Fragment
79. Extraordinary Egg
WA. Wild Artefact #2

Sunleth Waterscape (400AF)

81. Lapis Lazuli
82. Cosmo Aura
83. Heliodor Ore
84. Carnelian
85. Celestine
86. Graviton Core Eta 
SM. Leyak [Secret monster]

Archylte Steppe (???AF)

89. Black Hole Gem
90. Goblin Fragment
95. Wooly Stone
96. Crimson Crystal
97. Azure Crystal

Academia (400AF)

107. Zenobia Fragment [Zenobia boss guide]
119. Graviton Core Delta

Academia (???AF)

127. Epicurean Song

Augusta Tower (200AF)

134. Idea Circuit [Find paradox agent A]
135. Enigma Codex [Find paradox agent B]
136. Difference Engine [Find paradox agent C]

Augusta Tower (300AF)

137. Entropy Board

Vile Peaks (10AF)

141. Ray's Last Light [Find Blitz Squadron member Ray]
142. Twilight Fragment Alpha [Twilight Odin boss guide]

Vile Peaks (200AF)

143. Torreno's Last Light [Find Blitz Squadron member Torreno]
144. Falcon's Last Light [Find Blitz Squadron member Falcon]
145. Thunder's Last Light [Find Blitz Squadron member Corporal Thunder]
146. Falcon's Compass [Confirm Corporal Thunder's callsign]
147. Twilight Fragment Beta [Twilight Odin Beta boss guide]
SM. Twilight Odin [Secret monster]

A Dying World (700AF)

153. Omega Brand [Hidden fragment]
SM. Golden Chocobo [Secret monster]
WA. Wild Artefact #9

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